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February 26, 2011

Ozzie Guillen fires back at Bobby Jenks [UPDATE]

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Ozzie Guillen responded to Bobby Jenks. Gonzales @ CT:

“Too bad that all the stuff we had between me and Kenny interrupted his career because he did a lot of bad things last year,” Guillen quipped. “We lied for him, we protected him. I’m the first manager in the history of baseball to give a guy a week off to take care of his kids when his father-in-law was sick. It wasn’t even his wife, it even wasn’t a (family) member. But it was out of respect I have for his family. I sent him home because he had to babysit his kids because his father-in-law was sick. I don’t think any manager is doing that. But coming from him, I expect that.”

“We don’t miss him,” Guillen said. “You ask 30 guys in there. By the way, I was asking for his phone number to talk him to about it, and nobody had his phone number. None of his (former) teammates had his phone number. That you can tell what happened. But (criticism of ) me, that’s fine. He wasn’t talking about the ballclub, he was talking about Ozzie and Kenny (Williams). I respect that. ”

“Thank God he wasn’t talking about the club. If Bobby was taking about the club, I would have been everywhere on ESPN because I will rip his guts. But he was talking about me. I can take that. Just be careful of what you say about Oney because Oney will say stuff he’s not supposed to be saying. That’s just a warning for him just in case somebody don’t call him. Just stay away and don’t name Oney for this because it will be pretty ugly.”

Scot Gregor @ DH:

“First of all he can’t make any comments about last year because he was never in the clubhouse,” Guillen said. “He spent more time at his house than he did in the clubhouse. They told me about it. I didn’t read it yet. The only thing I can say is that I feel bad for him because I think the way we treated this kid, just the White Sox and myself, or our front-office people, we helped him a lot on the field and off the field.”

“Just worry about Boston, don’t worry about the White Sox,” Guillen said. “He has to worry about Boston and what he has to do for them. And I bet you (Red Sox manager) Tito Francona won’t put up with the (bleep) we put up with here. I have Tito’s number here to call him and say make sure you tell Bobby to worry about the Boston Red Sox and don’t worry about what happened here or whatever. We don’t miss him.

Brett Ballantini @ CSN:

“Please, someone who knows [Jenks], please [tell him not to] talk about Oney,” Guillen said. “It’s going to be ugly. I talked to my wife about it, to make sure to tell Oney to let it go. It can [end] bad. Me? That’s OK. Kenny is OK with it—I talked to Kenny. But Oney? Stay away from Oney. He’s not a good kid. When you go to that point with him, Oney knows a lot about a lot of things. Make sure [Jenks] stays away from [Oney].”

“He had a lot of problems, but we were loyal to him by playing him. I was a very bad manager because I kept him as my closer when he couldn’t [close]. He has to look [at] himself in the mirror.”

“I’m very sad,” Guillen said. “I’m not even mad about it. I’m very sad about the way he thinks about us. Am I going to say anything bad about him? I’m not going to waste my time—he’s not part of my program. It’s very sad because he should look at himself in the mirror, and all the things he said in the paper, to realize what he said. Like I said in January, if there was one player I ever managed, I did more stuff for him than anybody else, on the field and off the field.

“He did a lot of bad things last year. We lied for him. We protect[ed] him.”

UPDATE: Audio from ESPN (3:15).



  1. jenks is a jerk, he had a couple of good seasons with us, but now he sucks. there is no way around it, he sucks. don’t talk trash about someone who protected you your whole career, he is pathetic. can’t wait to play boston, when jenks comes out, he won’t last long. he will be the scott linebrink of the red sox bullpen.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 26, 2011 @ February 26, 2011 6:06 pm | Reply

    • damn straight! what an ungrateful prick

      the sox protected him after he blew game after game and now he has the nerve to talk about the sox. what a pathetic guy. good thing he isn’t our problem anymore. get lost bobby:

      Comment by The Wizard — February 26, 2011 @ February 26, 2011 6:54 pm | Reply

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