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February 15, 2011

JJ predicts who will be the 7th and last bullpen pitcher

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JJ looks into his crystal ball and predicts the last pitcher in the Sox bullpen:

After struggling as a starter for the first four years of his professional career, Carter saw success after being moved to double-A Birmingham’s bullpen in 2010. The 24-year-old right-hander posted a 3.91 FIP and struck out about a batter per inning with the Barons before striking out 16 and walking none in 10 Arizona Fall League innings. He features a typical power arm repertoire, throwing a mid-90’s fastball, a good slider, and a good changeup. …

Good stuff!

Ozzie Guillen calls out baseball players

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From Ozzie Guillen’s comments at the CSN awards last night:

Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith, who famously lost seven teeth when he was hit in the mouth with a puck last season, also earned Guillen’s respect.

“You are a tough….guy. Too bad I can’t curse here,” said Guillen, who often attends Blackhawks games with his wife. “Baseball is easy. If one of our players has got an ingrown toenail, they don’t want to play. Then I see (Keith) and your teeth come out…it’s amazing what you guys do, it really is.”

and on Gordon Beckham:

“I love you, bro. You know why I love you? Because you almost got me fired last year. And I am still playing you,” Guillen said. “But what I can say about Gordon is that this kid came up out of high school and college and two days in the minor leagues. He thought baseball was easy. My personal opinion is that what Gordon went through last year…I was kind of excited about it, I was happy, because that teaches him for the rest of his career. He’s got a chance to be a Hall of Famer, he’s got a chance to be a pretty good ballplayer. He’s got a chance to be a great hitter. And if he listens to me, he’s going to be better. What this kid went through…not too many people can handle that, especially when you are a kid and you have had success all of your life playing baseball. God puts you in a position to fail, to see how really you love this game.”

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