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December 30, 2010

Kenny Williams to Ozzie Guillen: You handle Oney-Bobby saga

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Haugh @ CT:

Oney, Ozzie’s 24-year-old son, put his famous father in another awkward spot Wednesday when he aired details via Twitter of Bobby Jenks’ personal problems shared in the sanctity of the clubhouse.

References to Jenks’ drinking issues, his marriage, an altercation with a clubhouse attendant and an emotional breakdown in Guillen’s office did little but raise doubts about just how private any future interaction with the Sox manager will stay.

“It is an issue I trust Ozzie to manage as there are obvious peripheral issues that are in direct conflict to what we believe and could directly compromise the integrity of clubhouse privacy, privacy that is vital to a team’s unity and success,” general manager Ken Williams told the Tribune in an e-mail.

What could go wrong? Ozzie has been handling Oney less than masterfully… Remember the Guillen-Ordonez fight? Could we have more fireworks?

UPDATE: JJ has a good post about it.

UPDATE #2: Kenny also addressed Bobby’s remarks:

“Not only do I disagree with Bobby’s assessments, I condemn them for being non-factual and the reckless spirit they represent,” Williams said. “The White Sox organization appreciates Bobby’s efforts while he was here, and we wish him well. But if he pauses to reflect on the many hours of conversation and examples of support we have shown over the years, it is my hope he realizes he owes Ozzie Guillen an apology.”

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