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December 7, 2010

White Sox interested in RHRP Jeremy Accardo

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Morosi @ FS tweets:

Rays and White Sox are showing interest in [Jeremy] Accardo. Intriguing buy-low for pen.

Accardo was non-tendered by the Blue Jays.

Kenny Williams exploring other options at first base

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Dyck @ CT:

White Sox general manager Ken Williams said “it’s quite possible” the White Sox would have a first baseman by Wednesday — and that it would not be Paul Konerko.

Williams said negotiations with Konerko and agent Craig Landis were at an impasse and that “at this point we have no choice” but to explore other options.

“All I can say is we’ve got meetings with other guys’ representatives (Tuesday night) with the idea in mind (to) get a deal done,” Williams said, adding that “you can’t stop the train” once it leaves the station. …

Cowley in multiple tweets:

Source: “I talked to Paulie last night and he said the Sox were his priority unless they made an offer that disrespected him.” … Sox will also now look to add a reliever. The PK ship is now sailing. … KW felt like it was almost done, but now it fell apart. They are meeting with reps for other options tonight. “The train keeps moving.” … Big changes in PK talks.

Garfein in multiple tweets:

KW: “We have meetings with other guys representatives tonight with the mindset to try and get a deal done.” PK your move. … KW on Konerko: “I was very hopeful coming down here. I’m less hopeful now.” … KW will hold meetings tonight with other representatives. Doesn’t mean Konerko talks are done, but Sox need to cover themselves. … Kenny says he’s turning the page. He’s not pessimistic about PK, but he’s no longer optimistic. … Kenny Williams says talks with Konerko aren’t going well. He’s moving on to plans B and C.

And Heyman @ SI tweets:

konerko’s agent is pressing beyond where chisox had planned. but theres still pretty decent optimism for deal.

White Sox interested in Kerry Wood? [UPDATE #2]

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Rosenthal @ FS tweets:

Yankees still want Kerry Wood back; [Cliff] Lee comes first. White Sox also showing interest in Wood; [Paul] Konerko first. Sox need late-inning help.

Wood wasn’t offered arbitration so he won’t cost any draft picks. But if Paulie wants $15 million per year there won’t be any money left for bullpen guys like Wood…

UPDATE: DV Dyck says “Wood is thought to be seeking a multi-year deal worth $9 million or more.” Kenny just hanged up..

UPDATE #2: Cowley tweets:

Sox-Wood rumors were just blown-up by a source. Sox feel Wood is too expensive even if they don’t get Konerko.

Paul Konerko talks hit a snag over Konerko’s $15 million demands? [UPDATE #2]

Cowley @ CST tweets:

Could be a snag in Konerko talks. Source said that so far Konerko’s camp is adamant about $15 m per. That would crush the payroll for relief

Also, yesterday, Heyman @ SI tweeted:

chisox, konerko talks appear to be going well. he’ll likely get $12.5 mil a year, maybe 3 yrs. rangers, orioles other options.

But today Heyman @ SI tweeted:

rangers, focused on Cliff Lee, “not likely” to get konerko. paul’s friend says “no way” on orioles. chisox in drivers seat

So, there doesn’t seem to be a big market for Konerko. If it was me, I don’t think I’d give him $15 million a year. I don’t want a couple Mike McDougal’s on the team next year.

UPDATE: Garfein @ CSN tweets:

If PK wants $15 mil a year, Kenny Williams said Monday: “Teams have options. I don’t know if he will get to the level he originally hoped for.”

UPDATE #2: Ballentini @ CSN tweets:

Rough guesses at 1B: Plan A: Paul Konerko B: Carlos Pena C: Adam LaRoche D: Derrek Lee E: Dayan Viciedo

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