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November 5, 2010

Fangraphs’ “must watch” and more 2011 White Sox prospects

Both articles are from Bryan Smith. First the “must watch” prospects:

In 56 plate appearances (so, sample size alert), Sale held right-handers to a .120/.214/.240 batting line. He did it while throwing them six change-ups in 220 pitches (2.7%), which accounted for 3 balls, 2 called strikes and 1 swinging strike. It was a non-factor. as he went with a two-pitch approach: 66.8% four seamers, 26.4% sliders. And, to my surprise, looking at his Texas Leaguers chart, he wasn’t just back-dooring the slider everytime. It’s a pitch he trusts, and a pitch that works, against right-handers. …

and those prospects outside the ‘Top 10’:

I credit Baseball America and Matt Eddy being the first to make me aware of Mike Blanke, the team’s 13th-round pick from the Division II University of Tampa. Blanke hit .329/.400/.508 in the Pioneer League, where Eddy ranked him as the number seven prospect. He wrote, “…he would have gone much earlier had clubs had any inkling that he would show plus power, arm strength and receiving skills in his pro debut.” …

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  1. It is time the Whitesox to take off the Training wheels with Nevin Griffith. This kid is ready. It amazes me that Griffith is not in the top Ten prospects. The kid is only 21 yrs old and has been getting better the past couple years. I personally saw this kid hit 100mph in Kannapolis in 2009. This guy also was on pace to have a Hudson type year in 2010 before going down with a broken rib. Charile Leesman is over rated Griffith has out performed him the last 2 years, why is he the higher prospect? just look at there time in Winston Griffith pitched 4 games that I am aware off hurt (strained back muscle)and still Leesman couldn’t out perform this guy. Leesman is always put in the back of the rotation to give him the advantage of face weaker opposing pitchers. The win column doesn’t matter to me in the minors. That is all slide of hand for me. A 5.50 ERA with a bunch off wins tell me the Winston hitters teed off on the the other pitcher. I want to see Griffith in AAA this year. Don’t waste his talent in AA. 94-98 mph fastball,the best sinker in the organization and a Nice curve. He also has the Slider that wowed scouts while in high school. Buddy Bell give this Griffith kid the Sale treatment. We might be sitting on the next Doc Gooden who was also from Tampa. MLB is ready for another black starting pitcher from Tampa.

    Comment by Derrick — November 15, 2010 @ November 15, 2010 12:26 pm | Reply

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