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November 5, 2010

Fangraphs’ “must watch” and more 2011 White Sox prospects

Both articles are from Bryan Smith. First the “must watch” prospects:

In 56 plate appearances (so, sample size alert), Sale held right-handers to a .120/.214/.240 batting line. He did it while throwing them six change-ups in 220 pitches (2.7%), which accounted for 3 balls, 2 called strikes and 1 swinging strike. It was a non-factor. as he went with a two-pitch approach: 66.8% four seamers, 26.4% sliders. And, to my surprise, looking at his Texas Leaguers chart, he wasn’t just back-dooring the slider everytime. It’s a pitch he trusts, and a pitch that works, against right-handers. …

and those prospects outside the ‘Top 10’:

I credit Baseball America and Matt Eddy being the first to make me aware of Mike Blanke, the team’s 13th-round pick from the Division II University of Tampa. Blanke hit .329/.400/.508 in the Pioneer League, where Eddy ranked him as the number seven prospect. He wrote, “…he would have gone much earlier had clubs had any inkling that he would show plus power, arm strength and receiving skills in his pro debut.” …

Carson Cistulli’s SCOUT system (and Eduardo Escobar’s AFL BABIP)

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Carson Cistulli devises the SCOUT system to get around, as much as he can, the small sample sizes issues of the AFL stats:

Herein lies at least one of the problems with winter-league stats. Because the AFL leaders in plate appearances rarely top even the 125-PA threshold, we’re forced to regress them over two-thirds of the way back to league average. That creates little in the way of meaningful separation. An alternative, however, is to look at those categories that (a) become reliable more quickly, but also (b) tell us the sorts of things we like to know about a prospect — namely, the quality of his tools. In this case, we can probably say at least something about contact- and power-hitting — via strikeout and home-run rate, respectively. …

… With all that as preface, allow me to introduce what I’ll call SCOUT. To devise it, what I’ve done is to find the regressed strikeout and home-run rates (xK% and xHR%) for all the qualified batters in the AFL. Then, for each player, I’ve found the z-score (that is, standard deviations from the mean) in xK% and xHR%, and averaged them (i.e. the z-scores) together. SCOUT is the result of that.

Here’s today’s SCOUT leaderboard (earlier versions):

Hmmm, a .373 BABIP. I’m not excited.

Speaking of Eduardo Escobar this is from Bryan Smith’s ‘Must watch White Sox prospects’ post today:

The question is how much he’s going to hit. His walk rate is downright Viciedo-esque, and it did not improve between 2009 and 2010. His contact rates are about average, maybe a touch better. Overall, Escobar is a much better hitter from the right side with these batting lines in his three leagues this year: .326/.343/.495 in CAR, .321/.333/.491 in SOU, and .542/.577/1.208 in AFL. It should be said that his patience is non-existent from that side, but he swings a big stick. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised he tripled off the best southpaw prospect in Arizona. It’s clear that Escobar has grown since his initial listed weight of 5-10, 150, so there’s slight optimism for 10 home run power potential. Strength is where the similarities with Jose Vizcaino (one of those lazy comps you’ll hear people use) end, and where you can see his ceiling is that much higher.

AFL Game #22: Peoria Saguaros @ Peoria Javelinas [UPDATE]

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Boxscore. Gameday. Weather: 86 degrees, sunny. Jared Mitchell starts at DH for the Saguaros.

UPDATE: A single for Jared:

Peoria Saguaros
Player Pos AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO AVG
Bour C 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 .333
Mitchell DH 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .183

TB: Mitchell.
GIDP: Mitchell.

Peoria Saguaros
Leesman 1.0 3 2 2 0 2 0 12.27

HBP: Lawson (by Leesman).
Pitches-strikes: Leesman 29-19.
Groundouts-flyouts: Leesman 1-0.
Batters faced: Leesman 7.

Fangraphs’ White Sox 2011 Top 10 prospects

Hulet @ FG:

1. Chris Sale, LHP

Sale not only reached the Majors in his draft year – he dominated. The lefty pitched just 10.1 innings in the minors before posting a 2.74 FIP in 23.1 innings. He missed a lot of bats (12.34 K/9) while showing respectable control (3.86 BB/9). A starter in college, Sale pitched out of the bullpen in pro ball and saw his fastball velocity climb from the low 90′s and sit around 96 mph. He also displayed a sharp slider, at times, and a promising changeup (which he’ll need to combat right-handed batters). …

More at the link.

Smells Like Mascot: Faces Walking

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