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October 2, 2010

Greg Walker: Dayan Viciedo has to improve his strike zone discipline

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Gregor @ DH:

“He [Dayan Viciedo] hits a home run to right field that was just phenomenal,” Walker said. “His oppo (opposite field) power is off the charts.”


“His next at-bat, he comes back and swings at three pitches,” Walker said. “All three of them were above his helmet. Those are the kinds of things that don’t hold up long haul in the big leagues. This league will exploit stuff like that. If your zone can be expanded, it doesn’t take long for the league to figure that out. So he’s got some areas that he’s got to improve, but he’s a talent, a real talent.”

“I think the physical ability, the combination of power and quickness, is off the charts,” Walker said. “It’s really, really good. We’re trying to plug a couple of holes. We’re trying to change his swing plane a little bit and get a little more coverage of the whole plate. Obviously, he’s got to learn the strike zone better; he’s got to become more disciplined.

“There’s a great piece of clay there, but it’s got to be molded.”

“We’re looking at (Miguel) Cabrera‘s swing from Detroit a little bit,” Walker said. “A young Cabrera before he made some adjustments. I’m obviously not putting him in that class right now, but body type, power, strength, quickness, there are a lot of similarities.

“But Cabrera made huge adjustments and he’s going to go down as one of the greatest hitters of all-time. Am I saying that’s going to happen with Viciedo? No, I’m not telling you that. I am telling you body type and strength and quickness, there are a lot of similarities there.

“But he needs a lot more refined swing and a lot more refined approach. A lot more.”

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