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September 23, 2010

Smells Like Mascot: Contract Monologue

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Carl’s latest:


Another classic!

Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf won’t extend Ozzie Guillen’s contract

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Haugh @ CT:

“I am not planning on making a managerial change before next season,” Williams told me over the phone. “That said, with one more year left on his contract and another (for 2012) with the team option, if those are terms he’s no longer happy with, (Jerry and) I understand and respect him enough to let him out of his deal.”

“It’s just not the right time,” Williams elaborated. “There is a year left on his contract, two years from the team’s perspective, unless he would like to decide otherwise. If he does, I’ve talked to Jerry and we agree if this is something he doesn’t want, we’re not going to stop him.”

UPDATE: Seems Kenny is saying ‘Ozzie the door is there. If you want to walk away open it.’

BTW, Paulie is a free-agent after the season Ozzie. Take a clue from him and stop whining while the team is flat-lining.

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