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September 18, 2010

Seems Ozzie Guillen can’t stand having a DH

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Here’s Ozzie:

“Kenny and Jerry [Reinsdorf] never get involved with my lineup,” Guillen said. “They never did and I don’t think they ever will. I hope not. You never know. But all of a sudden you don’t play Manny for three or four days and he’s healthy … we bring this guy here to play every day.

“I don’t blame them to be that way. But they never get into my lineup, they never did. I do the lineup the best I can and pick a matchup here and there who plays better, but playing time for the rest of the guys, they have to wait and see how I handle it.”

… By bringing aboard Ramirez, Williams was essentially forcing Guillen’s hand with lineup decisions. Or at least that’s how Guillen seems to look at it.

“In the meanwhile it’s hard for me to make the lineup every day because of that situation,” Guillen said about Ramirez’s presence.

What part of the ‘the American League uses a DH’ doesn’t Ozzie understand? Is it so difficult to understand if the Twinkies use a 900 OPS DH and the White Sox use a 700 OPS DH, the White Sox would be at a disadvantage?

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