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September 1, 2010

When Manny won’t go to the barber, the barber will come to Manny

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Cafardo @ BG:

LMontro, barber to the sports stars, has texted to tell me he will be doing Manny Ramirez’ hair in Boston either on Thursday or Friday. Ramirez’ dreadlocks have already become an issue in Chicago where team owner Jerry Reinsdorf has a policy on the length of hair.

THT on the 2010 White Sox’ ‘DH by committee’

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Gross @ THT:

In a vacuum, a re-signing of Thome by the White Sox would give the South Siders a +3.0 WAR swing in the AL Central Standings. Note, however, that Thome has only 279 plate appearances this season while splitting DH duties with Jason Kubel. Of course, Thome’s been platooned, which may exaggerate his bottom line, but any potential non-platoon “regression” would surely be offset by the additional playing time he would have seen with the White Sox. Let’s just leave the WAR at +2.4 and call it even.

The White Sox do not play in a vacuum, however. Thome, in not re-signing with the White Sox, signed a deal with the Twins. Hence, in a Thome-on-the-Sox-over-Kotsay theoretical situation, you have to not only add +3.0 WAR to the White Sox 2010 win total, but also subtract 2.4 WAR from the Twins’ 2010 win total. That turns a 4.0 game lead by the Twins in the AL Central into a 1.5 game lead by the White Sox. …

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