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September 30, 2010

Smells Like Mascot: Old Glory

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Carl’s latest:


Paul Konerko on his impeding free-agency [UPDATE]

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As far as Konerko is concerned, money is not the sole factor in this next phase of his career.

“It’s about the game,” Konerko said. “It’s not so much about the contract or the years or the money. It could be that I get more here and don’t come back. You know, I got a family to think about. I got, you know, how do I fit in on a team?

“There’s a lot of things that go into it. It’s not about I’ve made a lot of money in this game, and it’s not all about that. At the same time, when it gets to those situations, it’s always been that the player has to take the discount, never the team going above to get him back. You see it from all angles.

“Just to say I’ll take a discount, I would never say anything like that. And I’m telling you it could be a better deal than anyone else’s and I decide to go somewhere else because of what I’m feeling for myself and everybody involved in that moment. That’s the honest truth.”

Merkin also says that:

That last free-agent agreement for Konerko worked out to $60 million over five years. He certainly held up his end of the bargain and then some during that time, serving as the pragmatic conscience of manager Ozzie Guillen both on the field and in the clubhouse.

Here’s Fangraphs’ value section of Konerko’s entry. His performance over the last 5 years is valued at $57.7 million.

UPDATE: Brett Ballantini says Konerko’s comments were “not entirely encouraging for White Sox fans.”

UPDATE #2: Video here (11:03) (direct link).

Fangraphs on Juan Uribe

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Juan Uribe is eight plate appearances away from topping 1,000 for his Giants’ career. An absurd twist to Uribe’s career has him playing the role of starting shortstop on a playoff team in the year 2010. Absurd in the sense that Uribe very easily could be out of the majors right now. His 2007 and 2008 seasons were downright horrible. Rarely do defensive-first middle infielders nearing the wrong side of 30 continue getting looks when their defense seems to be on the brink of extinction. …

Don’t skip the last sentence!

September 29, 2010

Anonymous scout predicts Konerko’s asking price

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He’s going to attract a lot of interest, and I can see him eventually becoming a full-time designated hitter.”
Any guess on Konerko’s asking price this winter?“Three years and $45 million,” the scout said.

Frankie Piliere on Jacob Petricka

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Piliere @ FH:

Jacob Petricka looked nasty in instructs today. 92-96 w/ sink and a potential plus CH

Stats, Splits.

Three days, three HRs for Justin Smoak [September 27, 28, 29] (video)

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September 27: A 3-run HR against Rangers starter C.J. Wilson (0:43):

HR was hit off an 89 mph fastball:

September 28: A 2-run HR against Rangers starter Scott Feldman (0:48):

HR was hit off an 85 mph changeup:

September 29: A 2-run HR against Rangers starter Rich Harden (0:48):

HR was hit off an 89 mph fastball:

Smoak is hitting .289/.341/.526 in September.

BTB looks on potential White Sox non-tenders

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Satchel Price (9/15):

It hasn’t been a great season for Quentin, who’s only partially bounced back from his thoroughly disappointing 2009 performance. His .236/.333/.477 line isn’t bad, particularly when you see a .233 BABIP, but he’s managed to offset nearly all of that value with defensive numbers that border on Dunn-like. He’s put up a -32.1 UZR in his past 219 games, and one has to wonder now if the team is better off using him at designated hitter. I still think that he’s worth tendering; the offensive upside is easy to see, and he’s been an above-average hitter even during these disappointing years. But it looked like the White Sox had themselves a star when he batted .288/.394/.571 in 2008, and that’s looking an awful lot like his career-year right now.

September 28, 2010

White Sox to cut payroll next year? Or the year after next year?

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From Cowley’s A.J. article:

The White Sox … organization is set to cut some payroll before adding to the roster for the 2011 run. There had been growing speculation that the Sox were looking to do next year’s product on the cheap and hope for the best, but according to one member of the organization, general manager Ken Williams might have a few tricks up his sleeve – and a few more bucks than first thought – going after a division title in ’11 before they feel like they may have to take a step back and go younger in 2012.

UPDATE: Padilla @ ESPN:

Despite reports that the White Sox won’t be in cost-cutting mode next season, it remains uncertain if there will be enough money to reach Pierzynski’s pockets.

B-R says the White Sox payroll for this year is $105.7M and they have committed $73.4M for next year (2011). Cot’s has it at $103.1M and $75.4M respectively.

‘Carlos being Carlos’ in 2011?

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Carlos Quentin will try to have fun next year:

Yet, this young talent, who can be quite thoughtful and humorous with his comments, walks around with a semi-permanent scowl. He doesn’t seem to be enjoying a game where he has excelled, and that problem has become one Quentin said he will address in the offseason.

“I want to make sure, I need to do all I can to make sure my efforts on the field are in the right direction,” said Quentin, carefully choosing his words while addressing this topic on Tuesday. “When I say that, I mean in a sense of right direction as always positive, always directed toward enjoying this game.”

… “That’s basically what I have to say about that,” said Quentin, without going into specific detail of his plans. “I have to take steps to do that in the offseason, and I will.”

Take it easy Carlos, you’ll bite someone while telling them you want to have fun!

Joey Cora one of two finalists for the Seattle Mariners’ manager job?

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Doug (Chicago): Do you think everyone from Ozzie’s coaching staff will be back or will someone like Cora get a mgr’s job and Walker potentially resigning?

Bruce Levine: Walker I believe will be back. He and Ozzie occasionaly go back and forth with each other but they have a good understanding these days. Walker is also a close personal friend of Reinsdorf and they have an understanding with each other as well. Joey Cora has a real good shot at the job in Seattle. He interviewed there two years ago before Wakamatsu got the job. I’m hearing it’s between Joey and San Diego bench coach Ted Simmons.

A.J. Pierzynski and Paul Konerko are still on track to be Type-A free-agents after this season

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MLBTR crunches the numbers. Here’s the AL catchers section:

Name Team Type Score
Joe Mauer Minnesota A 92.411
Victor Martinez Boston A 87.946
A.J. Pierzynski Chicago A A 80.804
Jorge Posada New York A A 77.679
Kurt Suzuki Oakland A 77.679
Matt Wieters Baltimore A 72.768
Mike Napoli Los Angeles A B 71.875

September 19 numbers:

Name Team Type Score
Joe Mauer Minnesota A 92.857
Victor Martinez Boston A 87.054
A.J. Pierzynski Chicago A A 80.580
Jorge Posada New York A A 77.679
Kurt Suzuki Oakland A 77.232
Matt Wieters Baltimore A 74.777
Mike Napoli Los Angeles A B 72.321

Paul Konerko and Manny Ramirez are also on track to be Type-As. Konerko was on track to be a Type-B until the 8/27 update. J.J. Putz is on track to be a Type-B. Alexei Ramirez is on track to be a Type-A but he isn’t a free-agent after this season.

Spreadsheets at the link.

September 27, 2010

Link of the day

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Check out the sponsor!

Kenny Williams: “It’s not time to talk about an extension” for Ozzie Guillen

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Williams said it was a short meeting, and said he asked Guillen whether he wanted to return. Williams said Guillen said he absolutely wanted to come back.


“I asked him directly: Did he want to be here? Did he want to be the manager of the Chicago White Sox? He said ‘Absolutely. That’s all I’ve ever wanted,'” said Williams of his talk with Guillen. “He said he never asked for an extension. The timing of something wasn’t commensurate with if he were to go down that road.


Kenny on CSN [TV]: “It’s not time to talk about an extension” for Ozzie.

Is anything different now from yesterday? Too much noise that amounts to nothing. Ozzie should start a TV soap opera.

Baseball America’s Pioneer League Top 20 Prospects

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Eddy @ BA:

7. Mike Blanke, c, Great Falls (White Sox)

8. Addison Reed, rhp, Great Falls (White Sox)

19. Thomas Royse, rhp, Great Falls (White Sox)

September 25, 2010

Kenny Williams talkin’ baseball on ‘Talkin’ baseball’ (audio)

Play audio/podcast: http://espn.go.com/espnradio/player?rd=1#/podcenter/?autoplay=1&callsign=ESPNRADIO&id=5614227 (first 21 minutes).

Download the MP3 (7.64 MB).

UPDATE: Kenny:

“It’s been an eventful year,” Williams said. “A little like a pinata hanging from the ceiling; a long, disappointing year.”

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