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August 30, 2010

The Manny Ramirez negotiations

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Jackson @ ESPN:

It was around noon Monday when the Dodgers made it official, issuing a news release announcing Ramirez was going to the White Sox on waivers — meaning the White Sox are responsible for all of the $3.825 million left on his contract, but the Dodgers aren’t getting a player in return.

“We had been talking probably since Friday or Saturday,” Colletti said. “We offered to take back [responsibility for] $1.5 million for not their best prospect but certainly somebody we thought was a good prospect, and they didn’t want to do that. We lowered our [amount] to $1 million for a slightly lower prospect, and they didn’t want to go in that direction. So finally, we offered $500,000 for one of their lower-level guys, and they didn’t want to do that. We tried to give them a chance to recoup some of the salary they’re going to owe him.”

Kenny Williams explains why he didn’t pursue Brian Fuentes

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Merkin @ WS:

“We still had Erick Threets [who tore his UCL on Friday], and Matt Thornton is coming back,” Williams said. “So, why take on dollars for Fuentes to come in in the fifth for us? We have [Chris] Sale, who is throwing 99 mph, has a breaking ball that drops off the table and a plus change. Thornton is expected to come back [from elbow inflammation] and, to be honest, we pushed him back for precautionary measures more than anything. That’s how good he is feeling.”

Manny to get to Cleveland at 6 am, get a haircut, and wear no. 99

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Gregor @ DH:

Ozzie said Manny might not make his debut until Wednesday, but the guess here is he debuts Tuesday night. Ramirez is scheduled to be on a red-eye flight from California tonight, with his plane landing at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning local time. If he gets enough sleep and feel up for playing tomorrow night, he’ll be in the lineup.

Nightengale@ USAT:

Who knows if Ramirez can vault the White Sox back into the playoffs, but it sure might be fun watching, even without Ramirez’s dreadlocks. He informed the White Sox that yes, he plans to get a haircut and abide by team rules.

Merkin @ WS:

Set to wear jersey No. 99, Ramirez will top Tony Phillips’ previous franchise high of jersey No. 73 from 1997. He was slated to fly on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Cleveland on Monday night, leaving manager Ozzie Guillen unsure if Ramirez will start Tuesday.

UPDATE: 6:00 am was 2:15 pm…

Manny Ramirez claim official; too late for tonight’s White Sox lineup

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Bob Nightengale tweets that Manny Ramirez is on his way to Cleveland and should be in the White Sox lineup tonight.

Earlier Nightengale tweeted that the Dodgers haven’t decided if they want a prospect from the White Sox for Manny, meaning it’ll be a straight waiver claim. Before that Nightengale tweeted that the Dodgers are trying to decide whether to take 22-year old Winston-Salem 3B Jon Gilmore, who’s hitting .318/.354/.404, and pick up some of Manny’s salary or take only the salary relief.

UPDATE #1: And the move is done tweets Nightengale. Peter Gammons tweets that the White Sox decided to pick up all of Manny’s remaining salary ($3.8 million) and not give any prospects. Nightengale tweets that the Dodgers rejected the White Sox offer and chose salary relief.

Nightengale, also, tweets that Manny waited for the deal to be finalized before leaving for Cleveland, and won’t be in time for tonight’s game. He’s scheduled to play in the Tuesday night game.

UPDATE #2: Here’s the press release.

And here are a few more Manny to the White Sox links: BB Musings, HardballTalk, Fangraphs.

Kenny wants to keep going and going and going

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Gregor @ DH:

As for Williams, the ongoing soap opera has been a major nuisance. But he still wants to serve as White Sox GM indefinitely, and an occasional argument with Ozzie or tweet from Oney is not going to change that.

“There are only two things that are going to run me out of here,” Williams said. “The first is Jerry Reinsdorf ultimately feeling that I’m not getting the job done. The other is me ultimately feeling I’m not getting the job done. I will probably walk away from the job before (Reinsdorf) has to tell me to walk away.

“And I’ll only walk away – I’m a competitive guy – when I can’t for whatever reason get the job done. That’s not on my radar. (Heck) no. I’m in it to win it.”

Tim Marchman on the White Sox adding Manny Ramirez

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Marchman @ SI:

… Coming as soon as it does after the leak of financial documents proving that it really can be more profitable to play to lose than to try to win, it’s something to see a team take winning seriously enough to lay a reported $4.5 million worth of chips on that one shot in six.

Chicago is, as the great Frank Thomas once infamously said, a Cubs town. When a play like this goes down, you wonder why.

Don’t tell Ozzie!

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