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August 27, 2010

Andre Rienzo: 8 K / 2 BB / 5 IP / 7 H

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Rienzo 5.0 7 1 1 2 8 0 3.79
Hopps, M 1.0 2 2 2 2 0 0 6.71
Hollis 1.0 1 0 0 1 3 0 0.00
Petricka (L, 0-1) 2.0 4 2 1 2 2 0 3.52

Rienzo has a 115  / 31 BB ratio, and 90 H in 95.0 IP.

White Sox, Dodgers to discuss Manny over the weekend?

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Dyck @ CT:

Nothing will happen over the weekend, according to one source familiar with the proceedings, allowing both sides to assess where they are and exactly what they need.

Assess where they are and exactly what they need? I hope this is a joke.

Both teams know where they are. The Sox are 3.5 games the Twinkies behind in their division and there’s no other team between the two. The Dodgers are 5 games behind the Giants in the Wild Card and there are 3 more teams between the two. There also are 2 teams right behind them.

Both teams know what they need. The Sox need a DH in their quest to catch the Twinkies. The Dodgers need to get rid of Manny’s contract since it’s unlikely all 4 teams slip (don’t forget 2 teams right behind them) and they go to the top.

Can we speed things up please?

White Sox win Manny Ramirez claim

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Stark @ ESPN tweets:

White Sox were the team awarded the claim on Manny, according to MLB source. Strong indications Rangers & Rays also claimed him.

Stark @ ESPN writes:

The Chicago White Sox on Friday were awarded the claim on Manny Ramirez, according to a source monitoring the waiver wire.

No National League team put in a claim on the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder. But two other American League teams claimed Ramirez, and strong indications are those teams were the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays. The White Sox were awarded the claim because they were the AL contender with the lowest winning percentage. …

Now the Sox and the Dodgers have until 12:30 pm CT Tuesday to work out a deal for Manny.

UPDATE: Merkin’s analysis:

One school of thought is that the Dodgers will wait until the last moment to decide on a trade, letting another weekend pass to see if they remain in contention for a National League playoff spot. The Dodgers entered Friday’s action sitting in fifth place in the NL Wild Card race but only five games behind the top spot.

Paying the $4.5 million to Ramirez for one month of service — basically $1 million more than left-hander John Danks is earning for the full 2010 campaign — would seem like a prohibitive cost. But the White Sox play 16 of their final 22 games at U.S. Cellular Field, including four against the Red Sox from Sept. 27-30, and the presence of Ramirez could increase the daily gate.

Manny Ramirez decision up to the Dodgers

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Rosenthal tweets “To expand upon what I wrote, Manny decision rests w[ith] Dodgers. White Sox ready to act. Source says Manny NOT asking for extension…Had been told earlier that he wanted additional year to waive no-trade.”

another Rosenthal tweet: Dodgers 5 back in WC race; might have prompted claim, or claims. Teams daring Ned Colletti to give up Manny while in race.

Heyman tweets many teams claimed Manny. No word who won the claim.

Morosi tweets neither the Rays nor the Yankee$ made a claim.

Heyman tweets the Rangers didn’t win the claim.

Jake Peavy starting rehab

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Gregor @ DH:

Jake Peavy was back at U.S. Cellular Field to begin his rehabilitation…. “Six weeks removed, it was a nice day to get out of the sling and a day that I have been looking forward to,” Peavy said.

“Now I get to start some rehab, start some moving the next six weeks get some range of motion back. I have great use of my hands. I feel great when my arm stays below my shoulder.”

Smells Like Mascot: The Comic Section

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Carl’s latest:


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