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August 23, 2010

What salary would the White Sox have to pay Manny Ramirez?

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Olney @ ESPN:

The structure of Ramirez’s contract might make him more attractive to teams interested in the slugger. Any team that made a move for Ramirez would owe him a prorated portion of his $20 million salary. However, about three-quarters of his salary is deferred.

So if the Chicago White Sox or Tampa Bay Rays, for example, were to acquire Ramirez, they would owe him only $1.1 million for the rest of this season, and about $3.3 million in deferred salary.

Sounds expensive…

UPDATE !: As I was reminded below, Manny will probably net the White Sox free-agent compensation when he leaves after the season’s over. He doesn’t sound so expensive now.

UPDATE #2: Strike from the record UPDATE #1.

MLBPA official on no-trade clauses and waiver trades

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A no-trade clause does not necessarily give a player the right to prevent his team from handing him over on waivers, according to an MLB Players Association official who spoke to MLBTR this afternoon. In many cases, a player has a non-assignment clause that would prevent trades and waiver claims. However, not all players with no-trade clauses can prevent their teams from handing them over on waivers.

In other words, Damon’s ability to prevent the Tigers from handing him to the Red Sox depends on the wording in his contract.


Did Greg Walker take a shot against the White Sox pitching stuff?

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Merkin writes an article about the 1983 and the 2010 White Sox:

Starting pitching became a prime cause of the White Sox slow start this season, with a 5.20 ERA weighing the team down in early June. The rotation’s 34-15 record, 3.18 ERA and 50 quality starts in the past 68 games emerged as the backbone of the exciting comeback.

“Pitching turned everything around for both teams,” said Greg Walker, a reserve first baseman with 10 home runs and 55 RBIs in 1983, and the current team’s hitting coach. “Everybody looked at that 1983 team as really gutty, coming up with clutch hits.

“Well, it’s easy to get those when your pitchers are shutting people out and you are winning games with low scores. Our starting pitching in 1983 was phenomenal, especially in the second half.”

Not that I disagree with him.

John Sickels on Brent Morel

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John Sickels answered a question on Brent Morel:

Q: Morel just keeps on hitting, and now he’s being moved around the infield a little bit (to accommodate Viciedo, mainly). Can he be an everyday 3B?

A: If they don’t expect him to hit 20 homers, why not? Think Joe Randa.

He also answered my question on Andre Rienzo. Unfortunately Rienzo isn’t on his knowledge base yet:

Q: what can you tell us about the 22 year old (07/1988) brazilian in kannapolis’ rotation? his ratios look pretty good

A: I don’t know anything about him other than the numbers at this point. Will have to research.

Stay tuned for the answer!

Not even slot

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Callis @ BA:

How much money each team spent in the first 10 rounds of the 2010 draft, and how that compares to its estimated slot allowance from the commissioner’s office:

Team Picks Signed Bonus Total Slot Total Slot Spent
White Sox 11 9 $3,455,200 $3,988,200 87%
Average 11 10 $5,504,791 $4,417,790 125%

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