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August 21, 2010

Erik takes a good look on Carlos Quentin

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Manning @ PHP:

Over at FanGraphs, Matthew Carruth chronicles Carlos Quentin’s precipitous slide from his glorious 2008 season. Since coming back from his wrist injury, Quentin has been worth -0.3 wins above replacement, meaning the Alejandro de Aza’s of the world could probably do as good of a job or better than Q as the everyday right fielder.

I don’t know about you, but I have a tough time swallowing the notion that Quentin is this bad of a player. Maybe I’m just being a homer, but when I watch Quentin play, my mind doesn’t think “star”, but I certainly don’t think of him as replacement level player either. I think he’s definitely capable of a lot more, and I think just by eyeballing his WAR numbers you don’t get a real clear picture of Q’s true talent. …

THT Fantasy on Jim Thome

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Gross @ THT:

Here is a quick trivia question. Among all major league hitters with 250+ plate appearances not named Jose Bautista, who leads in ISO? No it is not Miguel Cabrera (.304), Albert Pujols (.276), Luke Scott (.278), Adam Dunn (.294) or a Rangers corner outfielder. It is none other than Old Man River himself, 40-year old Jim Thome (.316). The same Jim Thome who the White Sox passed up last offseason, despite a sub-$2 million dollar salary, because a rotating DH and the incorrigible Mark Kotsay seemed like a good idea at the time. The same Jim Thome who last year posted the second-lowest ISO of his career since 1994 (.232 versus a .155 MLB average) and walked “only” 15.9 percent of the time (8.9% MLB average). The very same Jim Thome who was nonetheless the fourth-most-valuable designated hitter in baseball, whom I ranted and raved about plenty in the offseason. …

White Sox team most likely to claim Manny Ramirez

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MLBTR on Ken Rosenthal’s latest video update:

Now that Manny Ramirez is off the disabled list, Rosenthal provided an update to his news from last week about the possibility of Ramirez on the waiver wire.  The Dodgers will wait to put Ramirez on waivers since teams will want to make sure that he is both healthy and hitting well.  Rosenthal repeats that the White Sox are the club “most likely” to put in a claim for Ramirez, since the Sox “don’t like Brad Hawpe all that much” and they doubt that Detroit would trade them Johnny Damon.

Isn’t it a little late to add a bat?

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