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August 5, 2010

White Sox interested in Carlos Delgado? [UPDATE #2]

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Rosenthal @ FS:

Carlos Delgado suddenly could be in demand. The White Sox are showing interest in the free-agent slugger, major-league sources say, and the Red Sox, Rockies and Mariners are among Delgado’s other possible fits.

Delgado, coming off arthroscopic surgery on his right hip, has not played since May 10, 2009. He has received two minor-league offers and would need a couple of weeks in the minors to get ready, according to his agent, David Sloane.

The White Sox, in search of a run producer, pursued Lance Berkman, Manny Ramirez and Adam Dunn before the non-waiver trade deadline. Delgado, 38, would require much less of an investment in dollars, and none in prospects.

Delgado’s stats (B-R).

Ozzie’s response:

He feels like Mark Kotsay and Andruw Jones are equipped to fill that role, but just need to start producing.

“Every time we talk about a hitter, we get to the point, we know, I think our production from Kotsay and Andruw is not the one – it has to be better. Those two guys have to start getting better on production. I don’t think we will play another 50 or 60 games with that production we got from them. I’m not going to put pressure on them but every time we don’t have production from them, this conversation is going to come up how we need another bat, we need another bat. Well, we [don’t] need another bat. We need those guys to start producing and do what we think they can do. If those guys produce the way we think, then we won’t be talking about any hitter. We need them to start producing, at least to make my life easier, not for you guys, but from Kenny asking me questions about it. I think everyone here feels the same way. We don’t need a bat. We need them to start producing.”


UPDATE:  Bruce Levine says the Sox had “extensive conversations” with Delgado’s agent, according to a Major League Baseball source.

UPDATE #2: Delgado signed a minor league contract with the Red Sox.

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  1. Sox could use another bat, but guillen is right jones and kotsy need to produce more. Kotsy had a good game today at Detroit.

    Comment by Anonymous — August 5, 2010 @ August 5, 2010 7:56 pm | Reply

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