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July 23, 2010

Jake Peavy’s surgeon sounds optimistic

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“Sometimes these tendons tear and they look like the end of a mop, all frayed pieces, but with Peavy it was a clean, straight tear, right off of the bone and it was easy to prepare the bone and insert it right back to the same place it came from in a safe way without being close to any nerves or blood vessels and secure that down with techniques we use with a lot of other tendons,” said Romeo, a member of the Sox’s medical staff.

He reiterated Peavy didn’t suffer any muscle damage but wouldn’t discuss a timetable beyond his statement issued the day of Peavy’s surgery that the right-hander is expected back before spring training. As rare as the injury was, Romeo stressed the tricky surgery was a success.

“The tendon was torn on (Peavy’s) side and although the initial studies showed it was only pulled down a few centimeters, when the muscle tears they retract a long ways so it was pulled a long ways down his side,” Romeo said. …

“He looks like a bull before he goes to the ring.”

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Guillen said in an effort to keep the ultra-intense Quentin healthy, he’ll occasionally have him DH.

“He will DH this weekend, maybe Saturday, tomorrow, or Sunday. Ideally both,” Guillen said. “But in the meanwhile, we’re going to see how we do. DH is not easy. This guy when he’s DHing, he looks like a bull before he goes to the ring. He’s so anxious.

“This guy never stops swinging. Every time he DHs, I wear him down.”

Carlos ‘El Toro’ Quentin!

Cowley has more.

Bobby Jenks pitch selection

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Season Team FastBall SLider CuTter CurveBall CHangeup SF KN XX PO
Total *
– – –
70.4% (94.9)
14.6% (88.5)
0.7% (90.6)
12.2% (83.2)
2.1% (84.1)
2005 White Sox 72.4% (97.0) 9.4% (88.0) 15.9% (83.5) 2.4% (82.7) 1.8%
2006 White Sox 68.4% (95.8) 13.8% (89.3) 0.3% (93.0) 17.4% (83.6) 4.1% 0.1%
2007 White Sox 65.2% (93.9) 20.6% (88.2) 1.7% (90.0) 12.4% (82.6) 0.1% (83.0) 2.0% 0.5%
2008 White Sox 71.5% (93.8) 13.8% (87.9) 1.9% (91.3) 9.5% (82.5) 3.3% (83.7) 3.2% 0.1%
2009 White Sox 76.4% (94.8) 13.4% (88.8) 0.2% (88.5) 8.5% (83.4) 1.5% (84.2) 2.3%
2010 White Sox 69.2% (94.8) 15.9% (88.8) 7.8% (83.6) 7.1% (84.6) 0.9%

Curveball is down every year since 2006. Curveballs are 7.8% of his pitches for 2010. In 2006 it was at 17.4%.

Fangraphs uses BIS data for pitch type calculations.

MLBBB predicts the Sox will sign 4th rounder RHP Matthew Grimes

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The following list is my guess of which contracts will be approved and signed next week.

… Matthew Grimes, RHP, White Sox

MLB drafttracker’s entry (including scouting video) for Grimes:

Pick Round Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
128 4 Grimes, Matthew Mill Creek HS (GA) RHP R/R 6’05″ 185 1991-09-04 HS Video

And some scouting reports:


Matt Grimes is a tall, projectable right-handed pitcher from Mill Creek High School in Hoschton, Georgia, a far northeast suburb of Atlanta. Grimes carries a projectable pro body that makes scouts drool, but he still has a ways to go to reach his potential, which makes him a riskier draft prospect. However, he could explode once he really focuses on pitching at the pro level, though, that doesn’t mean his current stuff isn’t up to snuff. He throws a two-seam and four-seam fastball, the latter sitting 90-92 and touching 95, with room for a tick or two more in the coming years. …


Grimes throws a four-seam fastball in the 90-92 mph range and it has been clocked as high as 95 mph. It currently grades out as his best pitch. Grimes’ two-seam fastball is not as strong as his four-seamer, but it is a usable pitch for him and he throws it in the upper 80’s. Grimes also features a power curveball that projects as a plus pitch for him in the future, and a changeup that gets average future grades.

Kenny Williams’ trade targets (bat section)

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Heyman @ SI:

chisox like prince fielder but have discussed dunn, laroche and berkman, in that order, as possible 2nd choices

Hang up if they ask for Danks, Floyd, Hudson or Beckham, Kenny. Not for a 2 month rental. Not for Fielder too since he’ll probably cost 2 of those.

Stats from B-R: Fielder, Dunn, Laroche, Berkman

Other possibilities: Scott, Branyan

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