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June 19, 2010

John Sickels takes a look at Gordon Beckham

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He’s hitting the ball on the ground a lot more often this year: 50.9% GB ratio, compared to 40.4% last year. Fangraphs rates him as below average against all varieties of pitches, with a particularly sharp decline in effectiveness against fastballs compared to last year. He’s swinging at a greater percentage of pitches outside the strike zone as well, 30.3% compared to 24.7% last year. Basically, he’s been awful in just about every regard. …


11th round draft pick SS James McDonald to go to school?

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James McDonald, shortstop from Scottsdale Chaparral High School, already has decided he will play for Arizona State rather than sign with the Chicago White Sox.

McDonald was an 11th-round pick but, his father Jimmy McDonald said, has a “powerful desire” to be a Sun Devil.

My previous post on McDonald is inside: (more…)

Justin Smoak hits HR #7 (video)

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A 2-run HR against Houston’s Wesley Wright:

Video: http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=9132359 (0:43)

Smoak also had a double and he crossed the .700 OPS mark. He’s hitting .281/.388/.509/.790 in June.

The HR came on an 82 mph slider:

The double came on a 90 mph fastball:

June 18, 2010

Dayan Viciedo to play 3B & DH; scouting report too

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Viciedo, who was recalled from Triple-A Charlotte, will move into a third base/designated hitter role over the next couple of weeks.

… Here’s the Viciedo scouting report: He has soft hands and a decent arm. However, range to his left and right is a question mark. Viciedo has plus-plus power. U.S. Cellular Field could be like a toy house for him Viciedo if he can solve big-league pitching.

Gregor guesses the Viciedo move means bye-bye Andruw.

UPDATE: Viciedo will make his MLB debut at 3B on Saturday.

UPDATE #2: MLB debut pushed back to Sunday.

June 17, 2010

Smells Like Mascot: N.L. C.P.R.

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Carl’s latest:


THT Fantasy on Chris Sale

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13. Chris Sale. Sale fell from a projected top-five pick all the way to No. 13, providing the White Sox farm system with a much-needed stud prospect. When you watch him pitch, it’s like he knows what nearly every hitter is thinking, and he then uses any one of his three pitches to his advantage. It’s an uncanny ability that could translate to the next level with the proper work. Sale is a top-40 prospect and possibly Chicago’s new No. 1.

White Sox to call-up Dayan Viciedo; DFA Jayson Nix

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The White Sox intend to promote Dayan Viciedo from Triple-A Charlotte on Friday before their game against the Nationals. Jayson Nix has been designated for assignment.

Viciedo’s stats: First Inning, Minor League Splits

Minor League Splits’ MLE: .247.282/.405. BP’s MLE: .268/.304/.472.

Isn’t it a bit soon to promote Dyan? How about learning to draw a walk?

Kevin Goldstein on the White Sox draft

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13. Chris Sale, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast

Inside the Pick: Every draft has one player who takes a surprising fall, and this year it was Sale. For the player some thought was the best college pitcher in the draft to fall to 13th overall is a massive get for the White Sox.
What He is: Sale is the rare pitcher who combines size (6-foot-6), velocity (up to 96 mph), and plus command from the left side. His changeup was among the best in the draft, and he consistently dominated week after week, including in his few starts against top-notch competition.
What He is Not: Sale’s low three-quarters arm slot gives some scouts concern. It prevents him from being able to get around on his slider, and gives right-handed hitters a very long look at the ball.
Path with the White Sox: Sale shouldn’t have too many problems at the lower levels based solely on his velocity and command. If he can find a dependable breaking ball, he has a chance to really move quickly.

More at the link.

June 16, 2010

White Sox sign 21 draft picks


The Chicago White Sox have agreed to terms with 22 of their 51 selections from the 2010 First-Year Player Draft.

A look at the June transactions tells us who those 21 are:

LHP Jarrett Casey (32nd round), RHP Douglas Murray (19th round), RHP Addison Reed (3rd round), RHP Austin Evans (23rd round), RHP Ethan Icard (13th round), RHP Edward McCray (16th round), C Jose Ramos (20th round), OF John Spatola (35th round), OF Jordan Keegan (24th round), RHP Jamaal Hollis (33rd round), RHP Brett Bruening (42nd round) (video), RHP Jacob Petricka (2nd round), RHP Thomas Royse (supplemental 3rd round), C Michael Blanke (14th round), LHP Robert Young (31st round), OF Michael Earley (29th round), LHP Pete Gehle (27th round), RHP Pat Schatz (49th round), 3B Rangel Ravelo (6th round), 1B Michael Schwartz (17th round), SS Ethan Wilson (25th round).

Already covered:

RHP Jacob Petricka (2nd round), RHP Addison Reed (3rd round), 3B Ragel Ravelo (6th round).

C Mike Blanke (14th round), 1B/DH Mike Schwartz (17th) and RHP Austin Evans (23rd).

RHP Ethan Icard (13th round).

RHP Jamaal Hollis (33rd round).

Thomas Royse (3rd round compensation pick).

So, the “new” guys are:

RHP Edward McCray (16th round)
RHP Douglas Murray (19th round)
C Jose Ramos (20th round)
OF Jordan Keegan (24th round)
SS Ethan Wilson (25th round)
LHP Pete Gehle (27th round)
OF Michael Earley (29th round)
LHP Robert Young (31st round)
LHP Jarrett Casey (32nd round)
OF John Spatola (35th round)
RHP Brett Bruening (42nd round)
RHP Pat Schatz (49th round)

From the MLB DraftTracker

Pick Round Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
488 16 McCray, Edward Tennessee RHP L/R 6’03” 235 1987-10-06 SR
578 19 Murray, Douglas U San Francisco RHP R/R 6’02” 195 1988-09-26 SR
608 20 Ramos, Jose Western Oklahoma St Col C R/R 5’11” 190 1987-07-19 J2
728 24 Keegan, Jordan Col of Southern Nevada OF L/L 6’00” 180 1989-12-23 J2
758 25 Wilson, Ethan Indiana U SS R/R 6’00” 190 1989-03-09 SO
818 27 Gehle, Pete Azusa Pacific U LHP L/L 6’06” 240 1988-01-15 SR
878 29 Earley, Michael Indiana U OF R/R 6’00” 192 1988-03-15 JR
938 31 Young, Robert Dartmouth Col LHP L/L 6’03″ 230 1988-06-20 SR
968 32 Casey, Jarrett Northern Kentucky LHP R/L 6’00″ 190 1987-10-27 SR
1058 35 Spatola, John Boston Col OF L/L 6’00″ 190 1987-04-02 SR
1268 42 Bruening, Brett Texas Tech RHP R/R 6’06” 210 1988-12-30 JR Video
1478 49 Schatz, Pat U Iowa RHP R/R 6’00” 185 1987-08-16 JR

FutureSox’ Draft Tracker and CSN’s Kevin Czerwinski (rounds 2-30 and rounds 31-50) have reports on all the picks.

Stats for the new draft pick signs are inside (more…)

John Sickels on Nevin Griffith

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White Sox prospect and former second-round pick Nevin Griffith got off to a good start this year and was recently named to the Carolina League All-Star Team. He’s 4-2, 3.11 with a 42/27 K/BB in 64 innings and a 1.73 GO/AO ratio, and has reportedly shown good progress refining his breaking ball and changeup to go with his low-to-mid-90s power sinker. However, his last two outings have gone poorly; four walks and six hits with four runs in four innings on June 5th, followed by a horrible two-inning, seven hit, six-run blastage on June 10th. There appears to be a health problem: he just went on the disabled list.  The nature of the injury has not been disclosed. Griffith is already a Tommy John survivor, so we’ll have to watch this one closely.

White Sox sign 3 draft picks: RHP Jacob Petricka, RHP Addison Reed, 3B Rangel Ravelo

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According to Baseball America’s draft database the White Sox signed 3 of their draft picks: RHP Jacob Petricka (2nd round), RHP Addison Reed (3rd round), and 3B Rangel Ravelo (6th round).

The MLB Draft Tracker has videos, notes and scouting reports (there is an Enhanced Scouting Report for Addison Reed):

Pick Round Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
63 2 Petricka, Jacob Indiana State RHP R/R 6’04” 190 1988-06-05 SR Video
Comments: This tall right-hander was creating a lot of buzz later in the spring when reports of him touching 98 mph spread like wildfire. His secondary stuff isn’t as good as the heater, though his curve ball has improved this year and his changeup has a chance to be a decent offering. There’s not a ton of life in the fastball, but he throws without much effort. People were pouring in to see him late, and that kind of arm strength tends to do very well in the Draft.
95 3 Reed, Addison San Diego State RHP L/R 6’04” 215 1988-12-27 JR Video
Comments: Heading into the spring, the thought was that Reed would be one of the more sought-after college relievers in the class, but the San Diego State product was stretched out over the winter in order to be the team’s Friday starter. He has performed even better than most could have expected, showing the ability to throw three pitches and adjusting easily to the role. A broken pinky on his pitching hand slowed him down for a few weeks, but presuming he picks up where he left off, Reed is likely a college arm moving up draft boards everywhere. Enhanced Scouting Report
188 6 Ravelo, Rangel Hialeah Senior HS (FL) 3B R/R 6’02” 207 1992-04-24 HS Video

FutureSox’ Draft Tracker and CSN’s Kevin Czerwinski have reports on all 3 too.

Here are the stats for all 3:

RHP Jacob Petricka:
























2010 4.11 7-4 20-15 0 0/1 0 100.2 100 51 46 47 113 14 2 3 .265 14 3 1 2 4
2009 4.76 7-3 13-13 0 0/1 0 73.2 87 48 39 34 49 17 0 4 291 .299 9 5 0 3 4
2008 11 33.2 23 21 36 24 18 5.61 5 1

RHP Addison Reed:

Year era w-l app-gs cg sho sv ip h r er bb so 2b 3b hr ab b/avg wp hbp bk sfa sha
2.50 8-2 11-11 2 1/1 0 79.1 65 30 22 16 90 13 2 7 296 .220 4 2 0 0 2
0.65 0-0 25-0 0 0/1 20 27.2
20 3 2 7 38 1 0 0 100 .200 2 5 1 1 2
2.73 3-1 24-0 0 0/1 4 26.1 24 16 8 8 26 2 1 3 100 .240 1 2 0 1 1

3B Rangel Ravelo:

avg gp-gs ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb hbp so gdp ob% sf sh sb-att po a e fld%
.310 13-13 29 14 9 5 0 0 4 14 .483 16 3 3 0 .571 1 0 2-2 12 28 2 .952

And RHP Jacob Petricka splits:

Raw Totals 7 4 0.636 4.11 3.03 20 15 100.7 51 46 100 3 47 113 0.265 0.372 1.46 0.27 4.20 10.10
Park Adj. 7 4 0.636 3.93 3.03 20 15 100.7 49 44 97 3 47 113 0.257 0.360 1.43 0.27 4.20 10.10
Schedule Adj. 7 4 0.636 4.29 3.13 20 15 100.7 54 48 105 3 49 108 0.279 0.383 1.53 0.27 4.38 9.66
Park/Sch Adj. 7 4 0.636 4.11 3.13 20 15 100.7 52 46 101 3 49 108 0.268 0.368 1.49 0.27 4.38 9.66

June 15, 2010

What made Chris Sale adopt a three quarter delivery when pitching?

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Josh Siegel:

As Sale himself tells it, “My freshman year I really struggled. I was having trouble getting outs. There was a span where I was pitching good, but during mid-summer my fastball was really flat. I kind of hit the wall.”

… “I was talking with some of the coaches there and they were saying you can’t keep doing the same thing you’re doing, you have to try something different,” Sale said. “So I dropped down and tried a different arm slot (a three-quarters delivery). I saw immediate results with it. It was night and day. My velocity went up, I got the most out of my change-up, and I got better with the slider.”

… “What the change in arm angle did was create movement and sink on his pitches,“ Tollett said. “He had the belief now that he could get it done. I started putting him in situations where he could be successful, where he didn’t have to worry about results. Then I put him in some big ball games and started to see what his future could look like.”

… “I’m stoked to start my career,” Sale said. “I know Ozzie Guillen is a crazy manager, but I feel like I’m really going to get along with this guy. He wouldn’t have that crazy reputation if he weren’t competitive like I am. I just want to be one of the main guys they depend on and eventually win the World Series, which is everything.”

Read the whole thing: ”Left-handed out of the womb’ (mobile).

Kenny Williams talks to Jerry Reinsdorf about Ozzie Guillen

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Williams said he’s had a “few long talks” with chairman Jerry Reinsdorf regarding his relationship with Guillen.

“He (Reinsdorf) understands all of this, and he understands if I decide to go down the course to make any sort of changes, from top to bottom, he supported that thought,” Guillen said. “But that’s not in my mind. What’s in my mind is we’ve all been together a long time, and we’ve had some success. There’s no reason why we can’t.

White Sox sign undrafted free-agent CF J.D. Ashbrook

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Morehead State:

Morehead State graduate and former baseball player J.D. Ashbrook has signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox. Ashbrook has been assigned to Bristol Sox, Chicago’s rookie level (Appalachian League) farm team in Bristol, Va. He will join MSU teammate Drew Lee, who was drafted by the White Sox in the 12th round of the Major League Baseball draft last week.

The Eagles’ leading hitter this past season, Ashbrook capped his career by hitting .432 with 82 hits, 69 runs (a mark that was in the top five nationally), 15 doubles, 18 home runs and 55 RBI. He led Morehead State and ranked in the top three in the Ohio Valley Conference in five offensive categories (batting average, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, runs scored and home runs). He earned First Team All-OVC honors and was a Ping! Baseball Third Team All-American.

Here’s a 4 minute video of J.D. on youtube.

J.D. Ashbrook’s (a 5’10”/180 senior) stats:

avg gp-gs ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb hbp so gdp ob% sf sh sb-att po a e fld%
.432 49-49 190 69 82 15 0 18 55 151 .795 26 21 20 3 .540 2 0 14-17 90 10 4 .962
c po a e fld% dp sba csb sba% pb ci
104 90 10 4 .962 1 0 0 0 0

And with some data from the baseball cube:

2007 34 83 21 24 6 1 2 20 9 4 7 9 9 2 1 2 .289 .400 .458 858
2008 48 147 23 39 9 0 2 18 9 4 12 20 12 1 1 4 .265 .366 .367 733
2009 51 202 65 74 16 3 14 36 10 5 20 34 11 2 0 3 .366 .451 .683 1134
2010 49 190 69 82 15 0 18 55 0 0 26 20 21 0 2 1 .432 .540 .795 1335

Yuniesky Maya free to sign with any MLB club

Google translation of Enrique Rojas’ ESPN deportes column (h/t MLBTR):

The Department of U.S. Treasury on Monday granted permission needed Yunieski Maya Cuban pitcher to sign with a Major League club, according to ESPNdeportes.com one of the handles of the player.

Edgar Mercedes, academia “Born To Play” from the Dominican Republic, said Maya was authorized to sign for the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC, for its acronym in English), a Treasury Department agency that ensures that it comply with the provisions of the U.S. embargo against Cuba. “Now you only need to reach an agreement with an organization to be professional,” said Mercedes.

[The embargo against Cuba is down-right stupid. Punishing people for no reason…]

The White Sox were interested in Maya in December, not-interested in January, and interested again in May.

Maybe Kenny wants to trade J.J. Putz?

BTW, here’s my Yuniesky Maya scouting report.

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