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June 30, 2010

Kenny willing to do deals “within reason”

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“Well, if there’s an opportunity to win a World Series, you got to do what you got to do sometimes — within reason,” Williams said. “But it’s got to be, you have to have a real opportunity. I think we have an opportunity. So, if there’s something out there that fits …

“Not all the names out there that supposedly are coming to Chicago are true fits because if [White Sox manager] Ozzie [Guillen] and the coaching staff don’t believe they are going to play Player X on a regular basis and Player X needs to play regularly to be effective, then that’s not a good fit. It can jeopardize your chemistry and it can jeopardize how your staff wants to go about winning games.”

Washington’s GM would says getting Adam Dunn would be:

a”For us to move him will be very painful, and it will probably be very, very painful for the team that wants to acquire him,” Rizzo said. “I mean, we are always listening; we are certainly not in a position with our history and our record this year and our record in the past that we have to turn a blind eye to any type of constructive idea or offer.

You had a chance in the off-season and you listened to Ozzie, Kenny.

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