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June 29, 2010

Washington Nationals want Gordon Beckham for Adam Dunn

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[Adam] Dunn, who is a free agent at the end of the season, recently told the [Washington] Post he has no interest in being a designated hitter, his likely role with the White Sox if a trade did go down.”One hundred percent,” Dunn said. “There’s no doubt about that. I think everyone pretty much knows that’s something I don’t want to do at this point in time of my career. In four, five years down the road, maybe. As of right now, no.”

So that’s one potential snag in a potential trade. There is another one as well – one source said the Nationals would want Gordon Beckham for Dunn.

White Sox scouting Adam Dunn

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Ozzie says everything’s cool:

While it’s unlike Williams to leave fingerprints on a possible trade target, the market on Dunn seems to be escalating quickly. Enough so that the Washington media was reporting that the Sox even had a scout at Tuesday night’s game between the Nats and the Braves in Atlanta.

Guillen, however, was all for standing pat.

“Not right now,” the Sox manager replied, when asked about adding to the product. “We need them to keep playing the way they are. I don’t think right now we’re desperate for anything. We’re fine where we are. We’ll see, maybe later on down we’ll need somebody, maybe not.”

Draft pick stats: C Jose Ramos (20th round), OF Jordan Keegan (24th round)

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Pick Round Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
608 20 Ramos, Jose Western Oklahoma St Col C R/R 5’11″ 190 1987-07-19 J2
728 24 Keegan, Jordan Col of Southern Nevada OF L/L 6’00″ 180 1989-12-23 J2

C Jose Ramos (20th round):

2010 51 0.366 164 52 60 17 3 11 53 116 0.707 7 8 24 0.419 0 1 6 6
2009 46 40 0.321 140 21 45 6 2 11 38 88 0.629 12 6 27 0 0.394 2 0 2 2
2008 7 0 0.067 15 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.067 0 0 4 0 0.067 0 0 0

OF Jordan Keegan (24th round):

Player avg gp-gs ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb hbp so gdp ob% sf sh sb-att po a e fld%
2009 .310 48-37 116 22 36 7 2 2 24 53 .457 16 2 12 5 .403 0 5 5-8 33 3 2 .947

Keegan isn’t not in the 2010 roster/stats.

Why did you listen to Ozzie, Kenny? Why?

JJ looks at what it will take to land Adam Dunn:

Granted, getting Dunn would probably mean parting with one good prospect and another marginal one. Cowley points out that Brent Morel isn’t a fit with Washington thanks to Ryan Zimmerman, but I have to wonder if Dayan Viciedo would interest the Nats. Viciedo should ultimately will end up a first baseman, and while the Nationals do have a first base prospect in Double-A, Viciedo could provide a more immediate impact.

The elephant in the room is Dan Hudson, who I would hate to see the Sox trade for a half-year rental player. In fact, there really aren’t a whole lot of circumstances in which I’d be okay with the Sox trading Hudson.

Kenny, you screwed up. If you had not listen to Ozzie and signed Jim Thome in the off-season, you wouldn’t be in a situation where you have to give up 6 years of Dan Hudson (or Flowers) for 2-3 months of Adam Dunn. And what did Big Jim sign for? $1.5 million. You gave $1.5 million to Mark Kotsay. Hell, you gave $14 million to Mark Teahen. Losing Dan Hudson for $1.5 million. That would suck…

Kenny Williams targeting Adam Dunn?

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Kenny wants a left-handed bat:

According to multiple sources, Williams has been acting on his list in the last week, specifically targeting the Washington Nationals’ Adam Dunn.

”Names have been talked about by both sides,” one source said. ”[Williams] might want to act quickly, though.”

Dunn’s name has gained steam in the rumor mill, with the Nationals now willing to part ways with their free-agent-to-be first baseman and try to build a talented group of young arms around pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg.

Stats: B-R, FG

Look at the BB%. Did Dunn develop an allergy to walks?

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