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June 25, 2010

Big Hurt TV: “It’s all about the cup” (video)

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Video: http://www.csnchicago.com/06/25/10/Big-Hurt-TV-AJ-Pierzysnki-on-hot-streak/landing.html?blockID=261039&feedID=621 (5:28)

LeBron James and Chris Bosh coming to Chicago?

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Adrian Wojnarowski @ Yahoo:

To listen to World Wide Wes, LeBron will never look back on Cleveland. “He’s up out of there,” is the way he tells it to people, but LeBron’s Akron crew has to tsk-tsk such public talk because they all live in Northeast Ohio, and maybe always will. “We’re going to Chicago,” William Wesley tells people, “and Chris Bosh is coming, too.”

Holy crap!

Time to send Gordon Beckham down to the minors?

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JJ says yes:

June has been particularly cruel to Beckham’s numbers. He maintained good walk rates in April (8.5 percent) and May (10.5 percent), but in June, he’s taken a grand total of one walk in 73 plate appearances. His walk-to-strikeout ratio in June is a putrid 0.07 percent.

Beckham has completely lost his plate discipline in June, probably because he’s going up to the plate trying to do too much. And it doesn’t look like Beckham is going to break out of his slump any time soon.

I’ve held out about as long as possible on this front, but I can’t deny it any longer: it’s time to send Gordon Beckham to Triple-A.

Sadly, I got to agree. Beckham is only getting worse. And that won’t get  get better by riding the bench. Forget Greg ‘The Excuse‘ Walker’s ‘Beckham is coming out of it right now‘ crap. He needs to get away for a bit. Maybe give BA a call. BA will hook him up.

UPDATE: Yes, I still got it!

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