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June 21, 2010

More on the Chris Sale signing

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Caldwell @ Naples News:

“He wanted to play,” Allen Sale [Chris Sale’s father] said. “The White Sox as an organization have stuck to slotting probably about as tight as any team. We kind of came to the conclusion that if he held out, there wasn’t going to be an enormous amount of additional money.

“We’ve been talking for about a week, and what the White Sox convinced me of, from a historical perspective, is when they get a player that they feel like can contribute to their major-league club, they advance them. They don’t hold them back to delay their arbitration or delay their free agency. Their primary concern is the 25 players that play for the major-league club. That was the key element in the signing.

“A lot of White Sox scouts have seen him pitch and there is a body of thought that he could advance pretty quickly. All clubs look at making moves this time of year, and he wanted to be in that mix, and the only way to be in that mix was to sign and show them what he can do against professional baseball players, throwing a major-league baseball against wooden bats. This is the best way to do it.”

More at the link including a 1:14 video and a picture gallery of Chris Sale.

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