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June 21, 2010

MLBBB on the Chris Sale signing

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What agent B.B. Abbott worked out was that Sale would sign for slot, but he’d be used as a reliever this year. First, that protects his arm, as he’s thrown a number of innings this spring. That’s win number one. Win number two is the fact that the White Sox are shooting to bring him up to the Majors as a bullpen arm sometime in August or September. That doesn’t just qualify him to get about $70,000 in Major League pay. That also brings him the benefits of the Player’s Union. Not only does that mean he’s on the 40 man roster, that means he gets split pay next year when he’s in the minors as a starter. That’s the difference between about $30,000 and $65,000, the minimum for a player on optional assignment with at least a day of Major League service time. He’s also going to be eating away at his options next spring, and the chances of him not ever getting Major League pay go way down once he’s on the 40 man roster. See how we’re eating away at that $344,000 difference in bonuses between signing now and in August?

I had similar thoughts as well. If the White Sox put Sale on the big league roster (40-man roster) this year, the difference between signing now and August gets erased.

Ken Rosenthal’s White Sox trade rumors

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White Sox bullying the NL

The Marlins were one of the teams that inquired on left-hander Matt Thornton during the brief period that the White Sox were in sell mode.

The White Sox said they would not even entertain trading Thornton, and they have now won 11 of their last 12 games, reaching .500 for the first time since April 7. Their run started against the Tigers and continued against feeble NL opponents — the Cubs, Pirates and Nationals.

White Sox starting pitchers are 9-1 with a 1.95 ERA in this stretch. Their ability to contend could be determined by how they fare in their six series leading to the All-Star break. They will be home against the Braves and Cubs, on the road against the Royals and Rangers, home against the Angels and Royals.

If the White Sox end up buyers, their biggest need will be the same as it was in the off-season — a left-handed hitter for the middle of the order.

BTW, here’s Fangraphs Sox trade advice.

White Sox must have signed two OF draftees: Randall Thorpe and Dusty Harvard

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18th round draft pick Randall Thorpe and 34th round draft pick Dusty Harvard. I see them on the Great Falls team for tonight’s opener:

The roster was augmented Saturday by the arrival of outfielder Dusty Harvard, a 34th-round draft pick from Oklahoma State. The Voyagers currently have only five outfielders on the roster.Cron has chosen a 24-year-old right-hander, Trey Delk, to start on the mound tonight. Delk was a 29th-round draft choice in 2009.

He will be followed to the hill by David Holmberg on Tuesday, Thomas Royse on Wednesday, Steven Upchurch on Thursday and Addison Reed on Friday for the home opener at Centene Stadium.

Reed is the top recent draft pick here, a third-rounder from San Diego State. The 18-year-old Holmberg was a second-round draft choice in 2009 and pitched in Bristol, Va.

Cron said it’s likely his starting position players will be Kyle Davis at shortstop, Jeff Tezak at second, Juan Silverio at third and Leighton Pangilinan at first. All played here or at Bristol, Va., last summer.

The outfield will be chosen from among veterans Ryan Hamme, Michael Early, Ryan Lee, Randall Thorpe and Harvard.

FutureSox on Randall Thorpe:

Expected to star as an Aggie and develop into a legit 5-tool player, Thorpe only had 21 AB’s as a freshman, going 2-21, finishing with a line of .095/.136/.238 with 3 SB/4 ATT. Unsatisfied with his playing time he transferred to San Jacinto JC (TX), but not before he excelled in the MINK Summer Collegiate League (wooden bat league), where he hit .282/.400/.479 and flashed his defensive prowess in center field. At San Jacinto Thorpe hit .297/.420/532 with 6 home runs and 11 stolen bases. He walked at a good rate, 16.1%, but his strikeout percentage, 25.4%, is alarming. Thorpe flashed all five tools at San Jacinto, but questions over his ability to hit remain, due to his inability to make consistent contact.

And here are their stats:

Dusty Harvard:

Player avg gp-gs ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb hbp so gdp ob% sf sh sb-att po a e fld%
2010 .289 51-50 159 35 46 8 0 4 27 66 .415 16 6 36 2 .374 1 5 14-15 120 0 0 1.000
2009 .238 36-18 63 18 15 4 0 0 5 19 .302 16 1 20 4 .400 0 2 3-4 44 0 1 .978

baseball cube:

2008 20 35 17 3 3 0 0 0 3 1 1 2 6 0 2 0 1 .176 .263 .176 439
2007 19 29 44 12 11 2 1 0 2 1 0 6 18 0 1 0 1 .250 .340 .341 681

and Randall Thorpe for 2010:

AB R H 2B 3B HR SO BB RBI Avg Slg Obp. AB RSP Avg RSP Sacb Sacf HP SOS SOL Picked Off GW RBI DP H SB CS SB% G
175 46 50 14 4 6 57 35 40 286 514 411 73 274 1 1 3 39 18 2 2 0 11 3 786 53

More on the Chris Sale signing

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Caldwell @ Naples News:

“He wanted to play,” Allen Sale [Chris Sale’s father] said. “The White Sox as an organization have stuck to slotting probably about as tight as any team. We kind of came to the conclusion that if he held out, there wasn’t going to be an enormous amount of additional money.

“We’ve been talking for about a week, and what the White Sox convinced me of, from a historical perspective, is when they get a player that they feel like can contribute to their major-league club, they advance them. They don’t hold them back to delay their arbitration or delay their free agency. Their primary concern is the 25 players that play for the major-league club. That was the key element in the signing.

“A lot of White Sox scouts have seen him pitch and there is a body of thought that he could advance pretty quickly. All clubs look at making moves this time of year, and he wanted to be in that mix, and the only way to be in that mix was to sign and show them what he can do against professional baseball players, throwing a major-league baseball against wooden bats. This is the best way to do it.”

More at the link including a 1:14 video and a picture gallery of Chris Sale.

White Sox sign 9th round pick RHP Kevin Moran [UPDATE]

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Cape Cod Times:

The story keeps getting better for hard-throwing right-hander Kevin Moran, the former Barnstable High and Cape League pitcher.

Moran, a ninth-round selection in the Major League draft 12 days ago, signed with the Chicago White Sox yesterday.

The 278th player selected, Moran will report to Chicago’s rookie team in Bristol, Va., tomorrow. Bristol is a member of the Appalachian League. …

Here are his stats:

Year era w-l app-gs cg sho sv ip h r er bb so 2b 3b hr b/avg wp hbp bk sfa sha
2010 7.92 8-5 27-3 0 0/0 1 50.0 67 47 44 41 29 16 1 4 .335 12 4 3 1 4
2009 2.75 5-2 27-1 0 0/1 0
52.1 51 22 16 26 37 9 0 2 .258 7 5 1 1 8
2008 7.45 2-1 13-6 0 0/0 0 29.0 38 29 24 22 16 6 1 4 .325 5 2 0 2 1


2008 7.45 2-1 13-6 29.0 38 29 24 22 16
2009 2.75 5-2 27-1 52.1 51 22 16 26 37
2010 7.92 8-5 27-3 50.0 67 47 44 41 29
Career 5.76 15-8 67-10 131.1 156 98 84 89 82

UPDATE: More on Moran:

John Sickels:

Kevin Moran, RHP, Boston College: Can hit 93-95 MPH with a good slider, but severe control problems resulted in an ERA higher than 8.00 this year. Very raw, but has potential.


Kevin Moran’s power fastball/slider combo gives him a chance to become a legit back of the bullpen arm with closer potential, and that’s the role that the White Sox envision Moran filling. Obviously he still has a long way to go with the control in order to realize that potential, but the White Sox have done a decent job turning around these underachieving college arms in the past with the likes of Dan Hudson and Dexter Carter, and Moran’s raw stuff makes him a definite one to watch.

And video from MLB.

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