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June 19, 2010

Jerry Reinsdorf confirms Kenny Williams can fire Ozzie Guillen

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Reinsdorf confirmed that Williams has the power to fire Guillen but never asked for his approval. … Reinsdorf explained why Williams has the authority to make chances as he sees fit, although Williams said Tuesday he has no intention of making chances during the Sox’s winning trend in the past 10 days.

“The biggest mistake I ever made, but I would make it again, is I let Hawk (Harrelson) fire Tony La Russa,” Reinsdorf said. “I would hope Kenny would never come to that conclusion. But you can’t make a general manager have a manager he doesn’t want. You can’t make a manager have a coach he doesn’t want. I can’t make the head of the accounting department work with someone he doesn’t want. I hate to think about it and I don’t think it will ever come to it and Kenny says he doesn’t see it, but that’s the way it works.”

Reinsdorf, also, said the Sox have the resources to add a player if they’re in the playoff hunt, and acknowledged that the Sox are playing better but they are playing a soft part of the schedule too.

Centene Stadium

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Home of the Great Falls Voyagers (Chicago White Sox rookie level affiliate).

Fangraphs looks on Bobby Jenks

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Bobby Jenks | Chicago White Sox

The Comments: As expected, Jenks’ luck has started to improve and so to have his numbers. His ERA is down to 4.39 (xFIP 2.70), although his BABIP is still high at .405. He was the hottest reliever this past week and went 4-for-4 in save opportunities with six Ks, one walk and one run allowed.

John Sickels takes a look at Gordon Beckham

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He’s hitting the ball on the ground a lot more often this year: 50.9% GB ratio, compared to 40.4% last year. Fangraphs rates him as below average against all varieties of pitches, with a particularly sharp decline in effectiveness against fastballs compared to last year. He’s swinging at a greater percentage of pitches outside the strike zone as well, 30.3% compared to 24.7% last year. Basically, he’s been awful in just about every regard. …

11th round draft pick SS James McDonald to go to school?

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James McDonald, shortstop from Scottsdale Chaparral High School, already has decided he will play for Arizona State rather than sign with the Chicago White Sox.

McDonald was an 11th-round pick but, his father Jimmy McDonald said, has a “powerful desire” to be a Sun Devil.

My previous post on McDonald is inside: (more…)

Justin Smoak hits HR #7 (video)

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A 2-run HR against Houston’s Wesley Wright:

Video: http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=9132359 (0:43)

Smoak also had a double and he crossed the .700 OPS mark. He’s hitting .281/.388/.509/.790 in June.

The HR came on an 82 mph slider:

The double came on a 90 mph fastball:

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