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June 15, 2010

What made Chris Sale adopt a three quarter delivery when pitching?

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Josh Siegel:

As Sale himself tells it, “My freshman year I really struggled. I was having trouble getting outs. There was a span where I was pitching good, but during mid-summer my fastball was really flat. I kind of hit the wall.”

… “I was talking with some of the coaches there and they were saying you can’t keep doing the same thing you’re doing, you have to try something different,” Sale said. “So I dropped down and tried a different arm slot (a three-quarters delivery). I saw immediate results with it. It was night and day. My velocity went up, I got the most out of my change-up, and I got better with the slider.”

… “What the change in arm angle did was create movement and sink on his pitches,“ Tollett said. “He had the belief now that he could get it done. I started putting him in situations where he could be successful, where he didn’t have to worry about results. Then I put him in some big ball games and started to see what his future could look like.”

… “I’m stoked to start my career,” Sale said. “I know Ozzie Guillen is a crazy manager, but I feel like I’m really going to get along with this guy. He wouldn’t have that crazy reputation if he weren’t competitive like I am. I just want to be one of the main guys they depend on and eventually win the World Series, which is everything.”

Read the whole thing: ”Left-handed out of the womb’ (mobile).

Kenny Williams talks to Jerry Reinsdorf about Ozzie Guillen

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Williams said he’s had a “few long talks” with chairman Jerry Reinsdorf regarding his relationship with Guillen.

“He (Reinsdorf) understands all of this, and he understands if I decide to go down the course to make any sort of changes, from top to bottom, he supported that thought,” Guillen said. “But that’s not in my mind. What’s in my mind is we’ve all been together a long time, and we’ve had some success. There’s no reason why we can’t.

White Sox sign undrafted free-agent CF J.D. Ashbrook

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Morehead State:

Morehead State graduate and former baseball player J.D. Ashbrook has signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox. Ashbrook has been assigned to Bristol Sox, Chicago’s rookie level (Appalachian League) farm team in Bristol, Va. He will join MSU teammate Drew Lee, who was drafted by the White Sox in the 12th round of the Major League Baseball draft last week.

The Eagles’ leading hitter this past season, Ashbrook capped his career by hitting .432 with 82 hits, 69 runs (a mark that was in the top five nationally), 15 doubles, 18 home runs and 55 RBI. He led Morehead State and ranked in the top three in the Ohio Valley Conference in five offensive categories (batting average, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, runs scored and home runs). He earned First Team All-OVC honors and was a Ping! Baseball Third Team All-American.

Here’s a 4 minute video of J.D. on youtube.

J.D. Ashbrook’s (a 5’10”/180 senior) stats:

avg gp-gs ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb hbp so gdp ob% sf sh sb-att po a e fld%
.432 49-49 190 69 82 15 0 18 55 151 .795 26 21 20 3 .540 2 0 14-17 90 10 4 .962
c po a e fld% dp sba csb sba% pb ci
104 90 10 4 .962 1 0 0 0 0

And with some data from the baseball cube:

2007 34 83 21 24 6 1 2 20 9 4 7 9 9 2 1 2 .289 .400 .458 858
2008 48 147 23 39 9 0 2 18 9 4 12 20 12 1 1 4 .265 .366 .367 733
2009 51 202 65 74 16 3 14 36 10 5 20 34 11 2 0 3 .366 .451 .683 1134
2010 49 190 69 82 15 0 18 55 0 0 26 20 21 0 2 1 .432 .540 .795 1335

Yuniesky Maya free to sign with any MLB club

Google translation of Enrique Rojas’ ESPN deportes column (h/t MLBTR):

The Department of U.S. Treasury on Monday granted permission needed Yunieski Maya Cuban pitcher to sign with a Major League club, according to ESPNdeportes.com one of the handles of the player.

Edgar Mercedes, academia “Born To Play” from the Dominican Republic, said Maya was authorized to sign for the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC, for its acronym in English), a Treasury Department agency that ensures that it comply with the provisions of the U.S. embargo against Cuba. “Now you only need to reach an agreement with an organization to be professional,” said Mercedes.

[The embargo against Cuba is down-right stupid. Punishing people for no reason…]

The White Sox were interested in Maya in December, not-interested in January, and interested again in May.

Maybe Kenny wants to trade J.J. Putz?

BTW, here’s my Yuniesky Maya scouting report.

In which Greg Walker makes several attempts to find an excuse

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”The only thing that got this team off to a bad start, and I saw it this winter — when you look at a team, you say, ‘OK, we might be short here, we might be short there, lack some team speed there.’ But this team, the only thing that really stuck out to me is when I started looking at guys, I was, ‘OK, where are they going to be at when they get to spring training mentally? Where are they going to be, where are they at?’

”We just had a lot of stuff going on. You’ve got guys that didn’t play a lot last year because they were hurt or whatever. You had guys coming from a small market to a big market. You’ve got guys that didn’t play every day last year. … I mean, J.P. [Juan Pierre] didn’t play every day last year, and all of a sudden he’s coming to a new league. [Carlos] Quentin was hurt all last year. [Alex] Rios finished terribly. A.J. [Pierzynski is in a] contract year. [Mark] Teahen moving from Kansas City to Chicago. … Back in spring training — you have new guys and you really don’t know them — there was just a lot of stuff mentally going on with this team.” …

Boy, the BS is flying at all directions…

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