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May 17, 2010

Dayan Viciedo hits it out of the park (video)

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Big dude…

more videos: (more…)

Kenny Williams trying to gauge the values of White Sox players

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As far as the rumors about catcher A.J. Pierzynski, the Sun-Times reported three weeks ago that the Sox were talking to teams about him in an effort to gauge interest if they do get in a fire-sale mode. At the time, Williams didn’t like what he was hearing.

A source said that hasn’t changed and that Williams also has been trying to gauge what type of market there would be for closer Bobby Jenks and reliever Scott Linebrink. Again, he hasn’t heard anything to pique his interest at the moment.

Kenny Williams gives the Sox a reprieve for now

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Cowley (twitter):

As far as trade rumors, Oz[zie Guillen]  said Ken Williams texted him last night and told his manager that he wasn’t looking to trade anyone.

How long is that for? 24 hours? 48 hours?

UPDATE: Today’s game was postponed and might be made up on August 3-5. Here’s Ozzie’s take:

Ozzie said he told his players “the makeup game is in August, but most of you won’t be here anyway.” He was joking … or maybe not.

UPDATE: Cowley:

If general manager Ken Williams is poised to make changes in the wake of the White Sox’ disastrous start, a source said Monday it will start with members of the coaching staff before it reaches the players.

UPDATE: Mark Gonzales’ White Sox mailbag

Q: It seems to me that he [] and Williams are not on the same page. When does Ozzie go? If he doesn’t go soon, it will cost Williams his job.

A: … I believe there will be some kind of mutual parting if and when there is a managerial change.

A.J. Pierzynski profiles as a Type-A free agent

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Eddie Bajek has reverse-engineered the Elias Rankings, and he’s providing his work exclusively here at MLB Trade Rumors.  The player stats used start with the beginning of the 2009 season and run through May 15th, 2010.  We still have 4.5 months for these to change. …

A.J. doesn’t seem to be be very far from the cutoff point though. And Paul Konerko profiles as a Type-B.

B-R can haz WAR

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Sabermetricians have always been on the search for the best way to measure wins contributed by players. Baseball Prospectus has WARP, Bill James has win shares and now we are presenting Sean Smith’s Wins Above Replacement or WAR data on the site. …

Phil Rogers talks AJ to Texas

Phil Rogers on the AJ to Texas rumor:

… This can help the Sox’s woeful lineup two ways — they upgrade offensively at catcher with Tyler Flowers and they get a piece that can help from the bountiful Rangers’ farm system, with surplus first baseman Chris Davis a likely piece in the deal. Davis, who lost the first-base job to Justin Smoak, is a flawed hitter who strikes out a ton. He was hitting only .188 when the Rangers demoted him. But he’s only 24 and has a career OPS (on base plus slugging) of .777 after 208 big-league games. He’s a quality fielder and a left-handed hitter who would join the right-handed-hitting Dayan Viciedo in the pool of candidates to serve as long-term replacements for Paul Konerko.

Chris Davis? No. Please. I don’t have any confidence in the Sox coaches to deal with a 25% K rate (which will become 30% in Chicago). And a look at Davis’ stats shows all his his high-OPS seasons having high BABIPs too.

Texas also would be willing to discuss Mitch Moreland, another 24-year-old, left-handed-hitting first baseman, who also plays the outfield;

now you’re talking. look who else suggested Moreland yesterday

speedy outfielder Craig Gentry

did you miss Jerry Owens Phil? He OPSed 800 in the minors too. Or is Gentry a different player?

and their young catchers (Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Taylor Teagarden and Max Ramirez), all of whom are dealing with various issues this season.

Salty would be nice. But shouldn’t we look to fill other positions first?

BTW, Satchel Price @ BTB has a message for Kenny: let them have AJ. Zach Sanders says while leaving The Cell may not be the best thing, getting traded to Texas wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Justin Edwards and Terry Doyle promoted

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22-year old LHP Justin Edwards to AA and 24-year old RHP Terry Doyle to A+.

UPDATE: FutureSox breaks-down all the moves. Ryan Buch, and Juan Silverio were demoted to extended spring training.

John Sickels on Brent Morel

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White Sox third base prospect Brett Morel is having a good transition to Double-A, hitting .308/.350/.444 in 34 games, including .351/.385/.514 in his last ten contests. Plate discipline is an issue: he’s drawn just eight walks against 24 strikeouts in 133 at-bats. The strikeouts aren’t bad but I would like to see a few more walks, granted his overall production has been just fine. He’s a solid defensive third baseman, and if his offensive development continues at the current pace he should be ready for a major league trial next year, although I’d like him to get some Triple-A time in first. If I were running things, he would remain in Double-A until August, then move up to Triple-A at that point assuming his numbers remain where they are now.

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