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May 3, 2010

Kenny Williams says the White Sox have 1 month [UPDATE]

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What do you think of this year’s White Sox, Kenny?

“In another month, I’ll answer that question. I’d like it to take only a few days, but if I evaluate the team on the performance so far, it wouldn’t be such a great evaluation. So we’ll wait. I’d really like to tell a white lie right now, but if I said I had a lot of patience, you’d call me on it. Let’s just say I’m patient enough.”

Kenny remains in a patient no-trade mode:

“Well, No. 1, I don’t think anyone is really prepared to make any deals right now. And any interest expressed in any players out there who are impact guys have been done so for quite some time. There really isn’t much substance to anything at this stage of the season. Another 30 games, and you’ll start to see talk pick up. If you’re not playing well, it doesn’t make any sense to go down those roads, anyway. You got to warrant that.”

could you host a fire-sale Kenny?

“Perhaps. We haven’t been in that position before. Even when we were, we were actively looking to get better, not just for now but for setting us up for the next year. Even if on the surface it’s not going as well as we like, there’s still that aggressive part of who we are at that stage that will probably prevent that. It’s tough with the type of personalities around here, it’s tough to dial it back.”

Did you talk it over with team president Jerry Reinsdorf?

“We’ve talked about the offense a little bit, but I probably talked more basketball than baseball with him in our last couple of conversations.”

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