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April 19, 2010

Gordon Beckham on Greg Walker

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“Wow, where really do I start? I feel like Greg, since I’ve gotten here, has been like a dad to me, and I take his opinion and his knowledge of the game very seriously. He knows when to step in and say something, and he also knows when to sit back and let it play out.”

… [Beckham] credits Walker with helping him become a major league hitter with adjustments they made at midseason.

“We changed my swing. If you go back and look at the tape, my hands were by my head and I was very stiff, and within a month, I had my hands shoulder level and was very relaxed at the plate and hit .330 [in July]. [Walker] got me through hopefully the toughest time of my career at the start when I struggled so bad, and when everyone was saying I shouldn’t be up there, I shouldn’t be playing, I shouldn’t be in the big leagues. He didn’t believe that. He believed I should’ve been there and just got me through it.”

Getting ready to swing the bat, he came to learn, was as important as his swing.

“I never understood that when I get to a certain spot, that’s when I hit it, that’s when I’m good. And now I wiggle my hands a little bit to get to where I want to be. That’s something he helped me realize, and it helped me drive through the ball and hit the ball the other way.”


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