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April 3, 2010

Mark Buehrle place in White Sox history

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Erik Manning takes a look on how Mark Buehrle, aka The Man on the South Side, compares to other White Sox pitching greats:

… But it’s not just his background or his accomplishments that make me like the guy, I love watching him pitch. I’m a velocity freak like most people, and I’m not one who’s normally big on “crafty lefties”, but I love watching him work batters over with his less than spectacular stuff, including an 86 MPH fastball. Bob Gibson, of whom it was said “he pitches like he’s double parked” would be proud of the pace Buehrle works. Anyone who can polish off an American League opponent in about an hour is alright with me. …

Great stuff.

Is Frank Thomas going to CSN?

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ChuckGarfien: Big Frank = CSN.

UPDATE: Probably.

Paulie can scoop them

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Scoop Leaders among First Basemen, 2009
(minimum 100 scoop attempts) 

				Scoops     Att        Pct
Todd Helton, Col		183        207        88.4
Adam LaRoche, Pit-Bos-Atl	182        210        86.7
Albert Pujols, StL		187        217        86.2
Paul Konerko, CWS		197        231        85.3
Derrek Lee, ChC		145        171        84.8
Lance Berkman, Hou		170        201        84.6
Lyle Overbay, Tor		211        250        84.4
Casey Kotchman, Atl-Bos	134        159        84.3

2008-2009 data

Phil Rogers’ AL Central predictions

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1. Twins, 89-73
2. White Sox, 85-77
3. Tigers, 84-78
4. Royals, 73-89
5. Indians, 68-94

Spring Training Game #34

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Sox @ Braves @ 12:05 pm CT (Boxscore, Gameday, Video highlights)

In which Ozzie Guillen is disappointed not to be in a baseball committee

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Witz @ NYT:

… So it will be interesting to see what emanates this season from Commissioner Bud Selig’s recently formed 14-member committee of managers, general managers, owners and others who are exploring ways in which the game may be improved.

Though the committee has been charged with examining the on-field product, it has been given a wide berth, and includes some of baseball’s more renowned names and influential thinkers: Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, John Schuerholz, Frank Robinson and the columnist George Will.

But how much change can be initiated by a group that, for the most part, resembles what some think baseball has increasingly become — a game for older white men?

The committee has one minority member (Robinson) and one person under the age of 50 (Indians General Manager Mark Shapiro). There are no players, umpires, Bill James acolytes or women.

“They don’t want crazy people on that committee,” said Ozzie Guillen, the very outspoken White Sox manager, who nevertheless was not disappointed to be left out. …

‘What It Means To Be A White Sox’: Sunday 7pm CT on WGN


On Sunday, April 4 at 7pm central, WGN-TV and WGN America will premiere “What It Means To Be A White Sox” and “What It Means To Be A Cub”, two one-hour specials celebrating the magic of Chicago baseball.

“What It Means To Be A White Sox” contains interviews with over 40 White Sox heroes and managers, including Jerry Reinsdorf, Ozzie Guillen, Kenny Williams, Billy Pierce, Paul Konerko, Minnie Minoso, Mark Buehrle, Bill Melton, Gary Peters, and Bobby Jenks. The show focuses on the men who made White Sox baseball so great over the past fifty years and you will hear them tell their fondest memories of playing on the South Side. …

Here’s the WGN press release:

The “What it Means” specials are a unique celebration of Chicago baseball with first-person accounts of why each team is so special. Over 40 interviews from each team will allow baseball fans to gain insight from past players, coaches, owners, and long-time team employees. Interviews include Lou Piniella, Ozzie Guillen, Ernie Banks, Luis Aparicio, Ryne Sandberg, Frank Thomas, Carlos Zambrano, Mark Buehrle and all your favorite legends from both the North and South Sides. The shows will kick off the 2010 baseball season in HD. …

NY Times says the Sox will win the AL Central

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American League Central

1. White Sox – Their rotation could be overpowering, and the offense should be able to score runs in more ways. Carlos Quentin and Alex Rios need to be consistent power sources, but Gordon Beckham is a rising star. …

Ozzie Guillen says you’re crazy if you think the Sox will win the World Series

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Told before his White Sox played their final spring-training game against the Braves that some people had picked his team to win the World Series, manager Ozzie Guillen had this to say:

“Whoever picks us to win the World Series is crazy.” …


Royals Review on Brian Anderson’s pitching attempt

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So, this is really happening, huh? Brian Anderson is headed to Idaho Falls to begin his new life as a relief pitcher for the Chukars. And sometimes I trick myself into thinking there’s nothing left to write about the Royals.

Anderson is making a really poor decision, and the Royals are rather bogglingly allowing him to do so with some degree of sanction. Three months ago, the Royals saw in Anderson someone who might be one of their outfielders, perhaps even their starting center fielder. Now, they’re going to play a part in a likely career suicide. Trust the process. …

In other ex-Sox players news, knuckleballer Charlie Haeger

UPDATE: And Gio Gonzales earned the 5th spot in the A’s rotation.

Keith Olbermann on the 2010 White Sox

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I’m less confident about assessing CHICAGO than I am about any other team in the majors. Here is a team with the terrific burgeoning talent of Gordon Beckham and Carlos Quentin – yet its success will depend much more on virtual castoffs like Andruw Jones, Juan Pierre, Alex Rios, and Mark Teahen. Here, if Jake Peavy rebounds, is a four-man rotation as good as any in the game, but a bullpen where only one guy (Matt Thornton) does not start the season as a question mark (how could you possibly get as many ex-studs in one place as Kenny Williams has in Scott Linebrink, J.J. Putz, and Tony Pena?). The White Sox could easily win the division, but I would hesitate to bet on it.

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