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April 2, 2010

Ozzie Guillen’s hitting calculations

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“One thing about home runs,” he said, “I’d rather have. We’re going to strike out less, we’re going to run the bases better.”

I’d prefer “six or seven guys with 20-25 homers than two guys with 50” too (6×20=120 > 2×50=100), but striking out less and and running the bases better doesn’t translate to “six or seven guys with 20-25 homers.”

The 21 players who have skipped the Minors and gone to the Majors

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Spring of Leake
After being named the Reds’ fifth starter, Mike Leake became the 13th pitcher and 21st player overall to be selected in the First-Year Player Draft and skip the Minor Leagues completely.
Draft Player School MLB team
Spring 2009 Mike Leake* Arizona St. Reds
Spring 2000 Xavier Nady Cal-Berkeley Padres
Spring 1995 Ariel Prieto* Fajardo University (Cuba) A’s
Spring 1993 Darren Dreifort* Wichita State Dodgers
Spring 1989 John Olerud Washington St. Blue Jays
Spring 1988 Jim Abbott* Michigan Angels
Spring 1985 Pete Incaviglia Oklahoma St. Expos
Spring 1978 Tim Conroy* Gateway H.S. (PA) A’s
Spring 1978 Bob Horner Arizona St. Braves
Spring 1978 Brian Milner Southwest H.S. (TX) Blue Jays
Spring 1978 Mike Morgan* Valley H.S. (NV) A’s
Spring 1973 David Clyde* Westchester H.S. (TX) Rangers
Spring 1973 Dave Winfield Minnesota Padres
Spring 1973 Eddie Bane* Arizona St. Twins
Winter 1973 Dick Ruthven* Fresno St. Phillies
Spring 1972 Dave Roberts Oregon Padres
Spring 1971 Pete Broberg* Dartmouth Senators
Spring 1971 Rob Ellis Michigan St. Brewers
Spring 1971 Burt Hooton* Texas Cubs
Spring 1969 Steve Dunning* Stanford Indians
Spring 1967 Mike Adamson* South Carolina Orioles

*Denotes pitcher

Sox Minor-league team’s rosters

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Kannapolis Intimidators’ (Class A) roster. Winston-Salem Dash’s (A+) roster. Birmingham Barons’ (AA) roster. Charlotte Knights’ (AAA) roster.

Ozzie Guillen to try to give a lot of playing time to Andruw Jones; Omar Vizquel too

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“Andruw will be in the lineup against lefties,” Guillen said. “I don’t know where. It can in the outfield or as a designated hitter. I don’t know where, but I’d rather have him in the outfield when he’s playing. I don’t want to call him a backup or a fourth outfielder. He’s another outfielder.”

“The thing about this team is I have the flexibility to change the lineup because I have Andruw and Kotsay,” Guillen said. “I have five guys in the outfield who can rotate in the DH spot. It just depends how they’re swinging the bat and how they’re playing.”

“I think the way that Andruw Jones played in Spring Training, he should start,” Guillen said. “But Kotsay, the same way. Everybody in the outfield has had a pretty good Spring Training.”

UPDATE: Curtright:

”The way he’s played, he deserves to be in the lineup more often,” said Guillen, who’s blessed with five worthy candidates for the three outfield spots and designated hitter. ”I’m not going to say he’s a backup. I’m not going to say he’s a fourth or fifth outfielder. He’s another outfielder.”

”I’d rather have him in the outfield than DHing when he’s playing,” Guillen said. ”To get the best out of him, I’ll try to give him a lot of playing time.”

UPDATE #2: Andruw Jones too:

“The way Andruw Jones played in spring training, he should start,” Guillen said. “But Kotsay did the same way and (Alex) Rios had a good spring training.

“To get the best out of him, I’ll try to get him a lot of playing time. Same with (Omar) Vizquel. Andruw is not a fourth or fifth outfielder. I’m going to have a meeting with him and tell him his situation, what’s best for the ballclub. I will get him a lot of playing time.”

Spring Training Game #33

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Sox @ Braves @ 6:05 pm CT (Boxscore, Gameday, Video highlights)

Mark Buehrle wants to retire playing for the St. Louis Cardinals

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It’s Thursday, and White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle has just admitted that contrary to what he said the last two seasons, he now wants to finish his career playing for his beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

”Cardinal red,” the native Missourian says proudly, pulling out the sweatshirt that’s about to go over his head and drape his back.

He isn’t smirking. …

Scouting report update with video for Trayce Thompson

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Offensively, he’s showing signs that he’s staying back better, shortening his swing, going straight away – all signs that he’s more direct to the ball. Yes, readers, I can tell who worked hard in the winter and who lived on the draft. Thompson worked.

Kenny Williams hoping to unload Scott Linebrink?

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Linebrink had a bad spring, following a bad 2010, which followed a bad second half in ’09. Sources indicated that Williams was working the phones (standing by them, really) in hopes that the Cubs or another team desperate for a bullpen veteran would take him off the White Sox’s hands, even if the Sox had to eat some of the contract. The trade didn’t happen and the Sox decided against releasing Linebrink. The hope is he’ll pitch well enough to create some value, at which point he can be off-loaded.

BTW, Oney Guillen doesn’t approve of Greg Aquino not making the team while Jayson Nix does:

Aquino should have been on the team to protect other guys. Nix sevres no purpose. He aint gonna pinch hit fr anyone or [be used as a] defense replacement.

colin’s excellent UZR primer

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I know I was asked to do a WAR primer next, but I want to take on the major components before I look at position player WAR.  I think going slow will make it easier to make sense of everything when we throw it all in together.  Not to mention some guy named Dave Cameron took basically the same approach at fangraphs.  Whatever that is.

Where to start with fielding?  While errors or fielding percentage get some play, I think defense is assessed by the typical fan with the ever popular Eyeball Test.  This makes sense.  But let’s first figure out…

Ozzie Guillen worried about Scott Linebrink

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Damn it AJ:

”I have a lot of concern because of the last couple of years,” Guillen said, referring to Linebrink’s bad second halves. ”He had a tough night [Monday], but I don’t think the team is helping him here. A.J. [Pierzynski] was dropping like 17 balls in one inning. We make a couple of errors when we usually make the plays. I won’t say he threw the ball well. I will say the team didn’t help him through the tough times.

”I talked to him. I think his health is a big part of the issue. And if he’s healthy, we’re going to find a way to help him get through this. From the first day of the season to the last day is a must-win situation. And we’re going to treat every game the same way. If Liner does what he’s supposed to do, I think our bullpen is going to be a lot better. It can be dangerous.”

Paul Konerko gets a cortisone shot [UPDATE]

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The only White Sox regulars given the day off were first baseman Paul Konerko and catcher A.J. Pierzynski, who caught nine innings a day earlier in Arizona.

Konerko had a cortisone shot in his left hand to treat a lingering thumb injury, but a team spokesman said he’ll play Friday in Atlanta.

UPDATE: Gonzales:

That’s largely because he and trainer Herm Schneider have taken preventive measures to protect a right thumb that nagged him in 2008 during a subpar season.

“Since then, Herm and I have done a good job of staying in front of the pain, to where I’ll get the (pain-killing) shots before it gets bad,” said Konerko, who rebounded in 2009 with a .277 batting average with 28 home runs and 88 RBIs. “We’re protecting it better, cutting down on the workload, not hitting all day just to hit — all that helps. We’ve done a pretty good job of monitoring it better.

“In 2008, I figured I better start taking care of this, or else you’re not going to be able to swing the bat the way you want to. You still feel it. I can feel it, but it’s nothing that’s stopping me from being able to do what I want to do at the plate, and that’s the key.”

Ozzie Guillen isn’t worried for Jake Peavy

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Only White Sox starter Jake Peavy knows whether he is back to the form that won him the National League Cy Young Award in 2007. He’s too smart to give anything away in spring training.That’s what manager Ozzie Guillen was saying before Peavy’s start Thursday against the Charlotte Knights, the Sox’ Class AAA affiliate. The Knights won 4-3.

”No one knows [bleep] about spring-training numbers,” Guillen said. ”All those geniuses at ESPN wonder why he’s pitching so bad. He’s been throwing all fastballs; he’s not showing all his pitches. I’m not worried about him. He does his job to get ready for the season.” …

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