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March 31, 2010

Rick Hahn on named Baseball America’s MLB’s top general manager candidate

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According to a Baseball America survey, White Sox assistant general manager Rick Hahn rates as Major League Baseball’s top general manager candidate among executives who have never been a general manager previously. This list was based on conversations with current general managers, other front-office officials, agents and baseball writers, according to the publication.”That recognition is nice, absolutely,” Hahn said. “But let’s be frank. It’s not like being named that the organization has the No. 1 position player or pitching prospect in the game. I’d probably trade myself for Jayson Heyward or Steven Strasburg in a minute, and I’m guessing [White Sox general manager] Kenny [Williams] would probably drive me to the airport if that was on the table.”

Becoming a general manager certainly stands out as something Hahn would like to accomplish in his career, as he begins his 10th season with the team. His present focus, though, falls upon the 2010 White Sox.

“Right now, the furthest thing from anyone’s mind is what job is next or what openings may be there after the season,” Hahn said. “It’s 100 percent focused on being excited about this year and feeling good about the work we put in during this past offseason and see it play out for real in games that matter.

“It’s something I certainly hope one day is in the cards. Until that time is right, I measure opportunities against a place where I’m comfortable and happy.”

Minor League Transactions

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Signed: RHP Scott Elarton, 3B Javier Castillo

Released: RHP Kevin Asselin, RHP Ben Fritz, RHP Brett Graffy, RHP Jacob Marceaux, RHP Orber Moreno, LHP Matt Jernstad, C John Curtis, C Zach Larson, 1B Todd Gossage, 2B Jesus Avila, 3B Jose Fulgencio, OF T.J. Bohn, OF Kent Gerst, OF Sergio Morales, OF Joe Persichina

Optioned to Triple-A: RHP Carlos Torres, C Tyler Flowers

Lost another one to Costa Rica

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Floyd got married on Jan. 2 in St. Petersburg, Fla., but the planning didn’t get to him. Either did the cost or the honeymoon.Getting ready was a different story.

“I got a bowtie and no one knew how to do a bowtie,” the 27-year-old Floyd said at his locker the other day. “So I was a little late to the wedding. We had YouTube (videos of tying a bowtie) going on two phones, we had instructions on one, we had wedding guests come up and try to figure out. My dad’s friend came in with shaving cream on his face, no shirt and just shorts, and they finally figured it out.”

I can picture the scene, and I can picture his teammates, who live to razz the pitcher, getting on him when they hear about that.

Don’t worry about Floyd though. With his future life in mind, he signed a four-year, $15.5 million deal before the 2009 season. And he honeymooned at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica. …

Spring Training Game #30

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Sox @ Indians @ 3:05 pm CT (Boxscore, Gameday, Video highlights)

Jake Peavy in the Cell

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Carson via Tango:

A study by Dan Turkenkopf of The Hardball Times shows us that The Cell and PETCO have HR/FB indices of 118 and 75, respectively. What that means is that if you multiply those numbers by .11 (percentage of all fly balls that become numbers), you discover that about 13 percent of fly balls become homers in Chicago, versus only about 8.25 percent in San Diego.

Erik Manning has more.

Don Cooper on Sergio Santos

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“If he continues to progress and learn and work on things, and if he stays healthy, there’s no reason to think by sometime late in the year or maybe next year, he’s got a chance to be a strong setup guy with the possibility of maybe being a closer,” Cooper said. …

Joe Poz’s sleeper pick: Mark Teahen

Joe Poz:

I have been a Teahen booster for a long time, and except for a terrific second half in 2006 — when he hit .319 with 18 homers in 83 games — he has mostly disappointed. I tend to believe that most of it has had to do with his circumstances in Kansas City, where the Royals moved him from position to position and bounced him up and down the lineup. Teahen is now settled in Chicago — he will be the White Sox everyday third baseman (his favorite position). And he will be playing in the best home run park in the American League. Scouts keep telling me that Teahen is what he is — a .270 or so hitter with only moderate power and good base running instincts. I think he might be a bit more. …

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