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March 26, 2010

Scott Merkin’s says the Sox should keep AJ around

From Merkin’s mailbag:

I know this comment sounds strange, considering Flowers is pegged as the organization’s catcher of the future. But in my humble estimation, you have to keep Pierzynski for another couple of years. I really think he’s as valuable as any player on the team, in terms of all the intangibles he brings to the equation. He calls a good game, is one of the game’s better catchers on offense and possesses the sort of strident leadership you need in a winning clubhouse.

Sox want more rest for AJ

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“We should give A.J. more rest,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “That’s our plan.”

Guillen said the Sox’s fortunes will dictate how often he is spelled by veteran Ramon Castro, who didn’t join the Sox until late last May.

Pierzynski, 33, has caught at least 1,000 innings for eight consecutive seasons and last year became the first catcher in franchise history to bat .300. He also can become a free agent after this season and could be the premier catcher on the market now that Joe Mauer has re-signed with the Twins.

FutureSox reviews Sox middle infield prospects

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Here’s what they have to say on Eduardo Escobar:

What he needs to improve: Considering he’s never going to hit for power, it’s all about batting eye and plate discipline. Escobar doesn’t walk much and strikeouts a bit too much for a slap hitter. He also needs to improve his base stealing ability. He has the speed to be a base stealing threat.

Seems the Sox system is pretty thin here.

mgl: Do players who age well tend to continue to age well?

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In the early years, if a player aged well very early on, he did not gain much toward his peak.  If a player did not age well very early on, he gained a lot toward his peak.  From the peak to around age 31, both groups aged at about the same rate, although the “good aging” group aged ever so slightly better.  After age 31 though, the group that aged well continued to age better than the group that did not age well.  I hope that makes some sense. …

Comparing Division wins & losses projections

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Bryce Harper scouting report

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There’s no question that his bat is the thing that excites scouts the most. He’s got great hands and a good bat path. Early in the season, he did have some trouble when he was having a mechanical issue at the plate. Coach Tim Chambers described it as him sitting down too much, which would force him to lunge a little bit and get out in front with his core.That, in turn, meant he was forced to use his arms and shoulders too much in his swing. When he was doing that, hard inside stuff could cause him some trouble. While he was fighting it at times and had to be reminded not to sit back, he had largely corrected it after the first couple of weeks of the season.

“I really don’t fight myself a lot,” said Harper, who’s hitting .420/.514/.864 over 27 games. “You just want to be the guy, and you want to do it every time. I had a little mechanical issue, I guess, but everything’s going good now, so I’m not going to change it.”

Nor should he, really. Even when he was having the mechanical issue, his ability to use all fields was uncanny.

“Pitches, middle away, he’s about as good as I’ve ever seen. At age 17, to hit the ball to straight away center or to the opposite field like that, with wood, is freaky.” …

Spring Training Game #24

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Sox @ D-backs @ 3:05 pm CT (Boxscore, Gameday, Video highlights)

Carlos Quentin: I wouldn’t use the word relaxed (video)

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http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?topic_id=cws&c_id=cws (1:53)

HardballTalk on the 2010 Sox


Ozzie Guillen is more or less immune from heat over his antics, his tweeting and his tendency to shoot off at the mouth from time to time, but he could be under some pressure this year all the same. Why? Because this seems more like the team he wanted than the team Kenny Williams wanted. Back at the Winter Meetings Ozzie was adamant that he not be tied down with a dedicated DH. Williams listened, passed on bringing back Thome or Dye and now there’s a decent chance that Mark Kotsay and Omar Vizquel will be getting at bats from the DH slot. Juan Pierre was clearly a Guillen priority. He’s moving Gordon Beckam to second base just as he was getting used to third (and after being drafted as a shortstop).  I don’t think Ozzie’s  job is in jeopardy or anything, but if the team doesn’t produce, Guillen is probably due a lot of the heat for it. How he reacts to the heat could put his job in jeopardy of course, because anything is possible with Ozzie. …

Joe Cowley plays GM

Cowley says trade Flowers and re-sign AJ. Joe says trade Marquez too. Who will take him?

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