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March 3, 2010

3 doubles and 1 triple Jake Peavy allowed in Petco would be HRs in the Cell?

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From Sean @ katron.org (h/t Tango). This is the hits Jake Peavy allowed in Petco park displayed on the Cell (US Cellular Field). I think there are 2 doubles and 1 triple between the ‘372’ and ‘400’ signs, and 1 double to the right of the ‘400’ sign that would be home runs on the Cell. I also see 1 single and 1 double and 2 fly-outs, in front of the ‘377’ sign, that would be warning track signs on the Cell. I assume this is for 2009. BTW, I unchecked the home run box. Home runs in Petco are home runs in the Cell too!

Very cool site. Excellent work.

Lillibridge adjusts his swing with Walker’s help

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Following his extensive offseason work, including two sessions in California with hitting coach Greg Walker, Lillibridge understood how the mindset wasn’t necessarily flawed. It was his swing that held the problem.

“There were a couple of things,” said Lillibridge, explaining his swing struggles. “I had high hands that caused me to have a steep slope to the baseball, swinging down on the baseball versus kind of matching the plane of the baseball.

“You see guys with really long nice swings through the zone, like an Albert Pujols and most of the guys on our team. I lack that. It was in and out and caused all those pop flies. It makes sense that if you are swinging down on the baseball, you are going to have that backspin going straight up.

“Another one was I just stayed way too far on my back leg, which caused a big slope and me not staying through the ball. Once in a blue moon, I would square a ball up, and that’s not good enough to be up here.” …

John Sickels on Dan Hudson

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John answered my question in today’s ‘All Questions Answered’ thread:

Q: Dan Hudson. What do you see in your crystal ball? Thanks.

A: He’s a personal favorite so he’ll probably have problems, lol.

I think he could use some Triple-A time but the White Sox never listen to me. I think he can be a number three starter.

UPDATE: Kevin Goldstein touchedon Dan Hudson too, on his chat:

Trebor (Austin): Dan Hudson had a huge breakout last year. Do you see him settling in as a 3/4 type eventually or think he hits a higher ceiling?

Kevin Goldstein: I think it’s a solid three ceiling, and I think he might be a bit underrated because of how out of nowhere 2009 was.

So, the DH by committee begins

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Mark Kotsay will serve as the designated hitter Thursday when the Sox play the Los Angeles Angels in Tempe. The plan remains to rotate the DHs, and Alex Rios will get some time there while he recovers from a sore right throwing shoulder. Andruw Jones will start Thursday in center field, but will serve as the DH against left-handers.


It also means that Guillen will begin to show the versatility his DH-by-committee plan really gives him. With Alex Rios nursing a sore throwing shoulder, Guillen will sit him out of the opener and then start Rios as the DH for a few games, while Andruw Jones plays in the outfield.

Dayan Viciedo will play 1st base mostly during Spring Training

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scott merkin:

Guillen indicated during his talk that Dayan Viciedo primarily will play first base this spring. He starts there Thursday vs. the Angels


… Guillen said he wants Viciedo, who signed a four-year, $10 million contract last season, to “open people’s eyes.”

“It’s time for him to start to move on,” Guillen said. “It’s his second big-league camp.”

Sox sign Beckham, Flowers, Hudson and 13 others to contracts for 2010


The Chicago White Sox have agreed to terms on 2010 contracts with the following 16 players:

Catchers (1) – Tyler Flowers

Infielders (3) – Gordon Beckham, Brent Lillibridge and Jayson Nix

Outfielders (2) – Alejandro De Aza and Stefan Gartrell

Pitchers (10) – Lucas Harrell, Daniel Hudson, Brandon Hynick, Santo Luis, Jeff Marquez, Jhonny Nunez, Brian Omogrosso, Clevelan Santeliz, Carlos Torres and Randy Williams.

All members of the White Sox 40-man roster are signed for 2010.

UPDATE: Beckham got $445,000.

Kevin Goldstein’s Top 101 prospects

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55. Dan Hudson, RHP, White Sox
61. Jared Mitchell, OF, White Sox
72. Tyler Flowers, C, White Sox

UPDATE: And here’s Goldstein’s chat.

Will Carrol’s Sox team health report


The Comeback: Almost no one comes back from plantar fasciitis. The one big exception? Pujols. Of course, he’s not human, and Quentin is. The effectiveness of the medical staff at keeping Quentin productive could be the difference between first place and fourth. One new therapy that’s being used is called lithotripsy. Originally developed to help with kidney stones, it consists of pulses of sound being carried into soft tissue to break up the small osseous spurs that cause the inflammation. If you’ve ever stood in front of a speaker at Prive on a Friday night, you still have no idea what this is like. Pujols described his experience as “like being hit on the feet with sticks.” We’ll see if the advanced techniques of sports medicine and a great staff can make Quentin like Pujols in at least one way.

He has 3 guys on red: Carlos Quentin, John Danks, and Freddy Garcia, and 3 on yellow: Gavin Floyd, Jake Peavy, and Bobby Jenks.

Merkin reassures us Gordon Beckham isn’t going anywhere

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I’m sharing this little vignette because Guillen was questioned after Tuesday’s B game with the Dodgers about the possibility of Gordon Beckham being moved for a high-end performer, in this instance, San Diego’s Adrian Gonzalez. And Guillen’s response?

“We plan to have Gordon for a long time,” Guillen said. “I don’t see why people still talking about it.”

Beckham isn’t going anywhere. Ozzie said so. You can take that to the bank:

During a weekend at home in early August of last season, I remember one of my esteemed colleagues asking Ozzie Guillen about rumors of the White Sox reportedly putting in a waiver claim for Toronto outfielder Alex Rios.

“Who?” Guillen responded, knowing full well who Rios was, but seeming to be somewhat surprised by this bit of personnel news involving his team.

Two days later, Rios joined the White Sox in Seattle.

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