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February 28, 2010

More evidence Herm is doing a heck of a job

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Since I have already looked at the salary lost to the DL for individual player totals and teams totals from 2002 to 2009, I will now look at the individual teams by year (injury information from Josh Hermsmeyer at RotoBlog.com) .  Looking over the lists the only points I noticed was that the Mets and Dodgers did not do a good job of keeping their high priced players off the DL while the Chicago White Sox did an amazing job.  Here is the top 20 teams and bottom 10 by total salary lost (link to a spreadsheet with all the teams and years for reference). …

Ozzie Guillen’s Papa-Smurf pants (video)

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http://www.chicagobreakingsports.com/2010/02/a-sunday-chat-with-ozzie-guillen.html (5:52)

Go to the last 15 seconds (for the pants).

Ozzie Guillen conflicted with Dan Hudson; Erick Threets impressive


Manager Ozzie Guillen said on Sunday that he is torn between letting Hudson pitch out of the bullpen and occasionally have a spot start as opposed to pitching every five days at Triple-A.

I asked Guillen for an assessment of Hudson at this point.

“I love him,” Guillen said. “Right now if he doesn’t make the ballclub, it’s better to get his innings because we never know what is going to happen with the five starters.” …


Decisions will have to be made about what to do with rookie Daniel Hudson, who is competing for the long-relief spot. Manager Ozzie Guillen indicated on Sunday that Hudson might be better served getting his regular work in the Minors, as opposed to being used sporadically by the White Sox.

Freddy Dolsi, Lucas Harrell, Sergio Santos, Carlos Torres and Daniel Cabrera all are in contention for that long-relief job, while Guillen said Randy Williams has the upper hand for the left-handed specialist spot but is no roster lock. That assessment is good news for non-roster invite Erick Threets, the hard-throwing southpaw who has impressed during the first week of camp.


The second left-handed relief spot is Randy Williams’ job to lose, but Erick Threets has been given an extended look and has impressed the coaching staff so far. Look for Threets to challenge Williams.

Gavin Floyd to get the 3rd spot in the pitching rotation?

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In regard to the regular-season starting alignment, nothing is official past Mark Buehrle on Opening Day and Jake Peavy on April 7 at home against the Indians. But Floyd and Danks very well could be the next two, in that order, judging by a hint from pitching coach Don Cooper.

“What I’ll say is maybe look at who we’re playing and look at the lineups and think maybe what you guys would do,” Cooper said. “I think we know what we’re going to do. I just don’t think we’ve announced it.”

Minnesota follows Cleveland to Chicago in the opening six-game homestand, bringing with its lefty-laden lineup featuring Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Denard Span, Jason Kubel and Jim Thome. Add together Cooper’s comments and Minnesota’s attack, and it appears as if Floyd will finish the Cleveland series and the White Sox will throw the southpaw tandem of Danks and Buehrle at the Twins, sandwiched around Freddy Garcia.

Cooper added that there are no plans to skip Garcia in the opening month, which is a plan the White Sox always have followed when they have five solid starters. The team also has just three open dates in April. …

Bobby Jenks to sit on the children table; Sox can’t find him a catcher

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USA Today:

Chicago White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper says closer Bobby Jenks is in need of more throwing and is a couple of days behind the rest of the pitching staff.

Cooper commented Sunday after Jenks pitched in the batting cages. Cooper says Jenks is on a different schedule because he is behind.

Cooper says Jenks is behind for several reasons: his wife had another child, the weather in Chicago was bad and Jenks had difficulty finding a catcher so he was limited to playing soft toss.

Jake Peavy confirms recruiting Adrian Gonzalez

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Peavy confirmed CBS’ report that he encouraged Kenny to go after Adrian Gonzalez:

“Kenny asked me at one point in time, ‘What kind of guy is this guy?’ I went into full recruiting mode,” said a smiling Peavy, who clearly is as honest as he is talented. “I said, ‘Listen, if you put this guy in the mix on this team, a left-handed bat in the middle of the lineup, a guy that could spell Paulie [Konerko] at first and is a Gold Glover …

“There’s not much bad about the guy. I said, ‘Kenny, absolutely. You put this guy on your club, and he’s a great person as well.'”

Don’t even think trading Beckham, Kenny:

Any trade involving a player who has at least 30 home runs and 99 RBIs in each of his last three seasons probably will require a fairly significant haul of young talent in return. The Sportsline article quoted a White Sox source in stating that Williams would give anything to get Gonzalez, “maybe even Gordon Beckham.”

That move seems highly unlikely, especially if Gonzalez was nothing more than a one- or two-year presence in Chicago. Beckham’s ultimate upside has been projected along the lines of Texas’ Michael Young, and five years of 200 hits, 40 doubles, 90-100 RBIs and an average near or over .300 would be about equal to Gonzalez’s contributions.

Breathing easier…

Ozzie Guillen on Carlos Quentin

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Carlos Quentin looked lethal in live batting practice Saturday, but what has impressed manager Ozzie Guillen is that Quentin, who’s usually tightly wound about his performance, looked like he was having fun.

”I want to see Carlos with a smile on his face,” Guillen said. ”I want Carlos to have fun and enjoy this game a little more. But in the meanwhile, I don’t want to take anything away from him, the way he is when the game starts. His intensity is great, but when you get too intense, you don’t enjoy this game. I think Carlos showed up very well, a happy camper, smiling a bit, and I’m starting to see that.”

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