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February 27, 2010

July 6, 2010: Day Mark Buehrle earns full no-trade rights

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Mark Buehrle’s contract demands three years ago will pay off for him on July 6.

Barring a major collapse by the White Sox, Buehrle will regain his full no-trade rights by virtue of his 10th anniversary in the majors — all with the Sox — on that date.

“That’s what I was going for during the whole contract time,” said Buehrle, who signed a four-year, $56 million contract two weeks before the July 31 trading deadline in 2007. Buehrle’s deal included full no-trade rights in 2008, but the Sox regained their trade option during an 18-month window that ends midway through this season when Buehrle reaches his anniversary.

“Every player wants to get to that point of being fully vested (in the pension plan),” Buehrle said. “It’s going to be a big day once I get there.” …

June 14, 2010: Day A.J. Pierzynski earns full no-trade rights

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A series of small multiyear deals, his durability and his ability have made him one of the most popular White Sox players.

At the same time, he sees a market for catchers that has become very fluid as well as the grooming of Tyler Flowers as the team’s catcher of the future.

On June 14, Pierzynski will control his destiny for the rest of the season when he earns full no-trade rights by virtue of 10 years of major league service, the last five with the same team.

“Everyone knows how I feel about this place,” said Pierzynski, whose T-shirts and jerseys are among the most popular for Sox fans. “I’d love to stay here. But if it’s not right, it’s not right.”

Paulie [Konerko] is unsure about his future too. Kenny says he’s receptive to to a discussion with Konerko’s agent.

Ozzie Guillen on Daniel Cabrera

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The Sox are looking at the hard-throwing righty as a relief pitcher, and Cabrera continued to impress manager Ozzie Guillen during Saturday morning’s batting-practice session at Camelback Ranch.

“He’s got a shot, a legit shot,” Guillen said. “This guy’s been showing us what he can do, and we like it. We’ve got an open spot and that’s the reason we brought him here. He just needs to throw one pitch over the plate, hopefully two.”

No! Don’t trade Gordon Beckham! Please Kenny!


“I want Adrian [Gonzalez] to be my teammate over here,” Peavy said.

Interesting thought.

Peavy said he has already discussed the idea with White Sox general manager Ken Williams. Williams didn’t really need the suggestion, because the talk in White Sox camp is that whenever the Padres decide to move on trading their first baseman, Williams will be one of the first in line to make a deal.

“That’s really what we need, a big left-handed hitter,” one Sox person said. “They’re saying Kenny would give anything to get him, maybe even [Gordon] Beckham.”  …

More from Knobler:

[Alex] Rios hit .199 in his 41 games with the White Sox after he was claimed on waivers last August, but he insists that the Sox and Guillen suit his style of play more than the Blue Jays did. “I don’t think this team’s a ‘Moneyball’ team,” Rios said. “This is how you should play baseball.” …

Too much time listening to Hawk Harrelson…

Sox early riser award goes to Juan Pierre

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Chuck Garfien:

Juan Pierre is winning the award for Sox early riser. He’s been the first player at camp everyday. Usually by 6:30am.

Since Greg Walker never leaves the park, he still has bragging rights.

UPDATE: Speaking of Pierre:

“(It went) to a power game. A lot of people like power (and) getting away from guys that get on base and run. But I think with them cleaning up the game a little bit, (it’s) gonna come back to the leadoff guys (who) can get the offense started.”

Stormin’ Norman

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Ben Joravsky @ Chicago Reader (7/28/94) (h/t Deadspin):

… So back he came on November 9, 1971, for Jim Fox, another backup center, and with him was created one of the greatest teams that never won a championship: Bob Love and Chet Walker at forwards; bruisers rotating at center; and a backcourt of Jerry Sloan and Van Lier. Their game was defense, relentless defense. They picked, pushed, pulled, and pounded the other team into dumb mistakes. They were the New York Knicks of their day.

Now, I must admit I’m not unbiased in this account. When Van Lier joined the team I was an awkward adolescent at Evanston Township High School, and Bulls basketball was my escape. Van Lier was my favorite. I wrote about him in my diary. I got a friend, Josh, to drive me to the Stadium on picture day and I waited in line for my chance to be photographed with Van Lier. I still have that photo–me looking over his shoulder as he autographs a Bulls team poster, which I hung on my bedroom wall.

To me nothing in sports was as exhilarating as Van Lier at work. He was courageous and smart, the leader on the floor. He employed a wicked hand check, more like a straight-arm, driving opponents back as they tried to advance. He’d flop wildly at the slightest contact, head and elbows banging on the floor, as though he were being fouled. He dived headfirst after loose balls, burned his skin on the stadium floor, banged his way through picks, elbowed the bigger guys out of the way, and fought like hell to get his share of rebounds.

It was a funky team and a wild time, so very 70s in taste and tone (Van Lier himself wore an Afro and a beard). They were coached by Dick Motta, an insanely competitive, strident, and sarcastic man who favored bright-colored jackets, sometimes canary yellow, and horrid plaid pants. The whole squad was nuts. The mascot, Benny the Bull, once got tossed from a game in Milwaukee for giving the finger to the ref. The ref deserved it; he missed the call.

Van Lier and Motta were always at each other’s throats–though it was nothing personal, they declared. “I got nothing against Dick–he’s a great coach,” says Van Lier. “He yelled at me because he knew I could take it. And sometimes I yelled back. A lot of it was about my demand that Motta respect me and my other teammates–respect us as men.” …

That’s a terrific article. Go read the entire thing. RIP Norm.

Jermaine Dye “shocked” he doesn’t have a team

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”I’m shocked,” Dye told the Sun-Times. ”I really am in disbelief, but what can I do?”

… ”I still feel like I’m a productive player and feel like I can contribute, but teams want me as a backup player, and that’s something I’m not ready to do,” Dye said. ”I feel undervalued, basically. I don’t think I have to go out there and prove anything to anyone. My numbers the last five or six years show I can help someone.”

… ”There’s nothing close,” Dye said. ”Still a few teams calling, couple teams made offers, but nothing really worth it. Anaheim made an offer, but they could only offer me 200-250 at-bats. Toronto made an offer; they wanted me to play right field every day, but the money was ridiculous.”

… ”I want to play every day,” Dye said. ”Cleveland was interested but never made an offer. Tampa was supposed to call, and we’re still trying to work that out. There have been offers, but like I said, nothing worth it.”

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