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February 24, 2010

Alex Rios and Carlos Quentin banking on 2010 improvements

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On Rios:

In order to facilitate that on-field improvement, Rios worked privately with hitting coach Greg Walker during a few offseason sessions in Miami. Rios admitted to making too many changes in his batting stance when things went bad in 2009 and plans to use a slightly more crouched approach, which worked for him in the past.

“That’s how I used to hit,” Rios said. “When you start changing things, and you find out you’re in a bigger hole when you keep changing things. I just want to keep it simple this year and keep doing what I was doing a few years ago and I think Walker saw it. So he’s going to give me reminders and hints on what we’re going to do.”

And on Quentin:

As for Quentin, an American League Most Valuable Player candidate in 2008 before fracturing his right wrist at the start of September, he worked with a new training facility in Santa Barbara during the offseason to set up a plan to keep him in optimum condition for 2010. Quentin, 27, called it more functional training, focusing on a lot of rotational power and a lot of explosive movements, which he wasn’t sure would be possible in the offseason.

“There was a lot of deep tissue work, a lot of scar adhesions being broken up,” Quentin said. “Just a very extensive and specific system to evaluate my body and allow me to get better and to get the most flexibility. I’m really excited about it. I have a very specific plan to stay healthy and stay on the field.”

Throughout the rest of Spring Training, Quentin will be asked about his left wrist and maybe even his right wrist, which had a wire removed during offseason surgery. It’s a topic that figures to come up, even though Quentin said he felt great in all areas on Wednesday.


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