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February 23, 2010

Did Kenny came close to acquiring Roy Halladay? [UPDATE #2]

That’s what CSN’s Chuck Garfien says he understood from his interview with Kenny Williams on Monday:

Williams admitted that the Sox were close to acquiring a big-time player this off-season (a player other than Johnny Damon). Pressed about who it was, Kenny first said, “I don’t think I should go down that road.”

Was it a pitcher? Williams paused. Paused again. And then made the most profound statement of 2010:

“It may have given us a chance to have the best rotation maybe in the history of the game.”

Kenny, also, gave his thoughts on extending Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski:

“There’s going to come a time whether it’s this year, or the next year where I’ve got to tell an A.J. or a Konerko (goodbye) if I’m here, so it’s going to be hard either way.”

Watch the 3:52 video of Garfien’s interview with Kenny at the link.

UPDATE: Phil Rogers thinks Kenny didn’t have enough money anyway.

Also, Richard Griffin @ The Toronto Star said the same something similar back on January 17:

According to sources, the most competitive offers for Halladay came from clubs he was ultimately unwilling to go to – the Chisox, Cubs and Dodgers. Heading to the meetings, Anthopoulos had not asked for a list of teams to which his ace would accept a trade. He could then honestly approach everyone and find out what they had to offer without feeling he was leading them on.

The Blue Jays ended up with Travis D’Arnaud (B), Kyle Drabek (B+) and Michael Taylor (B+/A-). Taylor as traded to Oakland later. Prospect grades from John Sickels. A better package of prospects from the Sox would be Dan Hudson (B+), Tyler Flowers (B) and Gordon Beckham? Boy, I’m so glad that trade didn’t go through. Beckham+ for 1 year of 33 years old Halladay.

UPDATE #2: Rosenthal:

The White Sox’s exact offer is not known, but right-hander Dan Hudson and catcher Tyler Flowers were two of the players discussed, according to sources. The Jays, seeking young, affordable talent, surely  inquired about second baseman Gordon Beckham as well. …


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