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February 10, 2010

Jake Peavy trying to tell Ozzie Guillen he should get a DH (video)

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Rob Lehocky:

“The American League is a little different animal. It’s a dog eat dog world, a big bangers league. Obviously there’s a lot of big bats. But your team’s going to score more runs for you too,” he said.

and on his current and former teams:

“The White Sox are a completely different class,” he said. “They have established players, guys who’ve proven themselves.”

there is a video clip (1:18) of the TV segment at the same link

Chicago White Sox Top-15 Prospects of 2010, No’s 1 – 5

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T-Flow gets a B and is on top of Alex Eisenberg’s Top-15:

Tyler Flowers has improved in each of the past three years at three different levels. From Single-A Rome to Double-A Birmingham, Flowers’ OPS has gone from .866 to .922 to 1.000. Only after a promotion to Triple-A did Flowers see his numbers drop off.

The increase has coincided with improved power numbers and an improved BB% though he’s also seen his K% rise as well.

*Credit to jpafan44

Flowers is a big man with a ton of raw strength which is a big factor in his plus raw power. He complements his power with wonderful patience at the plate, which is helped by excellent pitch recognition. However, there are holes in Flowers’ swing and he struggles to catch up to good fastballs up in the zone and in on the hands. Flowers’ bat speed is more solid than great.

While Flowers is not going to hit for a high average, he’s going to get on base often and he’s going to hit for power. He will also be doing this at catcher, a premium defensive position where good bats are tough to find.

Flowers is actually a decent athlete though his size can make it difficult for him behind the plate. He communicates with his pitchers well and has improved the quickness of his release. His arm rates as average behind the plate as he threw out 29% of all base runners last year.

Jared Mitchell is #2 (scouting report available), Dan Hudson #3, Jordan Danks #4, and Brent Morel #5.  Read more at the #1-5 prospects. #6-15 coming soon.

Chicago White Sox Farm System Overview – 2010.

February 10 links

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– Jermaine Dye is open to playing 1B or LF. Jon Heyman says “he might be the most under-rated player in this market.” If he’s willing to play DH, Kenny should pick him up.

– SABR is offering a free PDF download of its Emerald Guide 2010 (2007-2009 editions too). You don’t need to be a member.

– BDD’s Top Prospects Compilation: Update #15:

Spreadsheet: 2009-2010-Top-Prospect-Lists.xls [202 KB]

– Opening Day (1985 and on) and Year-end (1999 and on) payroll information for all MLB teams from Biz of Baseball. Also some, not all, player salaries for years before 1985.

– BDD on the “dying DH.”

– tRA is tERA now.

– Evaluating the 2009 forecasts.

– Rickwood Field, the Birmingham Barons, and the Black Barons.

– Who needs Orlando Hudson?

– The piranhas are turning into sharks.

Peavy doesn’t want Opening Day start for himself

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White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper recently mentioned to Jake Peavy that he was in the process of picking the starter for Opening Day. Out of respect for Mark Buehrle and the other pitchers on the staff, Peavy asked that his name be taken out of consideration.

It was a decision that only reinforced Cooper’s belief that Peavy can be a leader of the pitching staff.

“He has a chance to be a fountain, and not a drain,” Cooper said.

John Sickels on Brent Morel

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Sickels’ Q & A:

Q: Based on the acquisiton of Mark Teahen, do you see Morel being used as a trade piece in the future by Kenny Williams? Or do you see any type of situtation where he might actually receive significant playing time w/ Teahen, Alexei, Becham, and Nix ahead of him?

A: I’ve given up predicting what Kenny Williams will do.

I like Morel as a prospect and, while Teahen has his uses, if Morel develops to his maximum potenital I don’t think Mark is going to be good enough to block him.

BTW, here’s Brent Morel’s scouting report from FutureSox.

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