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January 25, 2010

No Thome?

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Source with the Twins just told me that Minny has already spoken to Thome’s reps this afternoon, so it’s official – Jim ain’t coming back.


Tampa Bay has interest, and the Tigers are now sniffing around. Minny could be the front-runner, however.

Damn you Ozzie.

Thome updates

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No announcement on Thome, but Oz will talk to us later on. Not normal procedure, so it might be a no on Big Jim.


This is Ozzie’s call, and he’s currently flying back home to Miami. He’s expected to talk to the four beat writers covering the Sox early this evening in regards to Thome.

As I’ve been reporting the past week, Ozzie has a lot of respect for Thome, and vice versa. But he made a decision to go with a rotating group of designated hitters this season and all indications remain he’s going to stick with that plan.

January 25 links

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– BDD’s Top Prospects Compilation: Update #13:

Spreadsheet: 2009-2010-Top-Prospect-Lists3.xls [184 KB]

– MLB Fanhouse’s top 100 prospects: #32 Dan Hudson, #67 Tyler Flowers, #91 Jared Mitchell

– Jim Thome chats with the Twinkies

– Is Albert Pujols any good?

– John Sickels reviews his 2005 ‘Top 50 hitting prospects’ list

Make New Tabs Open at Far Right in Firefox 3.6

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The official Firefox 3.6 release changed where new tabs open from clicked links—to the right of the tab they launched from. Liked it better the old way? Here’s the quick fix.

The Mozilla Links blog points out a few about:config tweaks that Firefox 3.6 users might be intrigued in, especially if the new version handles things a bit differently than you’re used to, and you don’t want to spend time getting used to the new scheme. To set new tab behavior back to its old ways—opening in the right-most slot—enter about:config into your address bar, click that you’ll be careful, then enter browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent into the search bar. Set that value to “False,” and your new tabs will open where they used to.

For more Firefox 3.6 tweaks, visit Mozilla Links’ post, which details tab preview behaviors in detail.

Firefox 3.6 tips and tweak [Mozilla Links]

January 24, 2010

Does Ozzie Guillen think that the DH will be outlawed?

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The traditional designated hitter is fading from the American League. Guillen looks at the landscape and sees Travis Hafner in Cleveland, David Ortiz in Boston and nobody else really making it a full-time job.

“You’re not gonna see (another) Harold Baines,” Guillen said. “You’re not gonna see the Dave Parkers. You’re not gonna see the Big Papis (anymore).”

What is Ozzie talking about? If he’s eager to trot out a DH-less lineup all he has to do is look at the results of interleague play to see what happens when a team with a DH plays a team without one. And don’t forget this gem: “We are not a home-run team anymore.”

More here.

Ozzie Guillen, Tadahito Iguchi, and Juan Uribe

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Ozzie Guillen on his World Series infield with Tadahito Iguchi and Juan Uribe: “You should have heard the conversations on the mound. We never knew what they were saying. Iguchi doesn’t speak any English, and Uribe doesn’t speak anything anyone can understand.”

More stuff on the link.

Kenny-Ozzie friction or Cowley stirring the pot?

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Whenever he was asked about Thome returning to the South Side and joining the DH-by-committee mix by fans in that Saturday session, Williams dropped the final decision on Guillen’s shoulders. Nothing new, considering he’s recently also put the decision to have the entire coaching staff back, giving Freddy Garcia a second chance last year, and going after Juan Pierre – despite one of Williams’ baseball people insisting that Pierre’s game didn’t translate to the American League – on Guillen, as well.

… In the pass/fail world of Williams, he’s either reached the point in his career where he can comfortably delegate power or he’s putting together an exit strategy for his skipper in which his fingerprints would be almost non-existent.

Sox looking to improve their Latin America operations

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”With all the problems we’ve had over there, and whether those problems were the result of those problems are something that didn’t enable us to get the players we need to get, or whether we just aren’t doing a good job over there, we need to get better at,” scouting director Doug Laumann said Sunday morning.

”We’re going to make a commitment for a little bit of time to add some resources, some manpower and get it better over there.”

”We definitely need to get more production out of the Dominican,” Laumann said. ”We need to tap that resource more than we had.”

Rick Hahn said so too yesterday.

Final Soxfest day news

Ozzie: “mark buehrle deserves to be our no. 1 guy.” will be reviewed in spring training. [Gordon] Beckham in the batting order: Probably 2nd, but if not, 5th, 6th or 7th. Juan Pierre would love to be able to hit homers. Doug Laumann: Sox will “probably focus on pitching” in the next draft. Rick Hahn: Worldwide draft could be coming soon. Laumann: Tyler Flowers will be a “real solid big league player.”

No decision yet on Thome

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White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said Sunday morning that no decision has been made on whether Jim Thome will return.

… Guillen emphasized the Sox’s decision would be made with their brains, rather than their heart. General manager Ken Williams made it clear Saturday that he was leaving it to Guillen to decide whether Thome would be a good fit for the 2010 Sox team.

… Guillen, who has said he wants to decide before he leaves town, added that his flight to Miami was moved from 4 p.m. Sunday to Monday.

however, Ozzie maintains his moronic ‘I don’t want a full-time DH’ attitude:

“Whoever wants to come to the White Sox as long as I’m here is not going to be a full-time DH,” Guillen said after a brisk question-and-answer session with fans. “Nobody. I don’t care who it is.”


“Maybe what I have is not convenient for him. But I’m leaving tomorrow. I want to get that out of my mind and go to Venezuela and enjoy my life and not leave you guys hanging here. I don’t want Thome to be waiting for my decision or my phone call.”

… “As long as I’m here, and I don’t care who it is, nobody will be a full-time DH,” Guillen said. “If I want one guy out there, I want [Thome]. I already talked to [GM Kenny Williams] about that.”

… “We’ll talk to Jimmy, and if he says yes, he accepts the role, then we will make our decision,” Guillen said. “I don’t want a DH just to be a DH. I want a guy to help me in different ways, and I want to hear all the opinions to make the right decision.”

January 23, 2010

Sox were interested in Nick Johnson and Chad Tracy

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The Sox had mutual interest in left-handed hitter Nick Johnson but couldn’t afford the one-year, $5.5 million contract the Yankees gave him. They also couldn’t pursue free agent Chad Tracy for similar seasons.

Stats: Johnson, Tracy.

Fangraphs on Stephen Sauer

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Level   BB.9   K/9   HR/9   GB%    BABIP
Low-A   1.2    7.8   0.3    56.3   .363

This guy managed a 3.36 ERA in Kannapolis because he was so good at limiting home runs and walks, but look at his BABIP! His hit rate seems to have scared off prospect evaluators, as he’s not listed as one of Baseball America’s top 30 White Sox prospects. But his sinker has always been good (2.64 GO/AO at ASU) and his slider is average enough. With a good change-up, Sauer can be just as good as Jon Garland ever was.

Sox and baseball statistics

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The Royals (116) were the only American League team to commit more errors than the 113 charged to the White Sox last season. The new-wave statistics weren’t kind either.

The White Sox finished fourth-worst in the majors with an ultimate zone rating (UZR) of -35.6, as judged by FanGraphs. The Web site defines UZR as the number of runs above or below average a team is in both range runs and error runs combined.

“There’s a handful of different ways to go about it,” assistant general manager Rick Hahn said. “Ranging from just the experience and what you see with your eyes from pure scouting, to the other extreme of getting into the advanced defensive metrics that are out there.”

In making judgments, the front office will blend statistical analysis with individual reports. An objective calculation might trigger a conversation with a scout: Have you noticed this about a defender’s range when he is going to his left? In particular Williams, who played football at Stanford, likes to break down videotape.

“We look at everything. It’s an amalgamation,” Hahn said. “At the end of the day, Kenny has his roots in playing the game. (It’s) what he sees with his eyes that’s really going to make that decision.” …

Hopefully Hahn is the next Sox GM…

Dayan Viciedo scouting report

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Scouting The Sally:

Dayan Viciedo’s 2009 season disappointed many as his .280/.317/.391 line in AA as a 20-year old was not quite up to par for an international signing who received an 8-figure signing bonus. In fairness to Viciedo, his season was solid if one peels away the prospect hype and considers age vs. projection. With many solid prospects being in full-season A at Viciedo’s age, I ran the equivalency calculator to project what Viciedo would have done at the appropriate level. The results? A .352/.402/.493 line which would completely change the current prospect conversation about him. …

Soxfest (Day 2) news

Kenny wonders who’s Johnny Damon’s agent. Marc Teahen might wear #23. Bobby Jenks was offered a multi-year deal before he signed his arbitration contract. Kenny on Jordan Danks and Jared Michell: “this is 2010 and we have to win … They got to wait.” Ozzie blamed Kenny for the 2008 team. Jeff Cox: “There’s no ‘i’ in team, but there are 2 in ‘idiot.'” Steve Stone to Greg Walker: “Can you make a guy who can’t hit, hit?” “Um, no.” Rick Hahn: [Gordon] Beckham has changed perception about length of development time. Doug Laumann: [Dayan] Viciedo “a man among boys,” probably will end up @ 1B. Rick Hahn: We’re re-investing in Latin American scouting infrastructure.

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