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January 25, 2010

Ozzie’s underpants theory of baseball

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1. Replace your DH that gives  you a .900 OPS and with a combination of 3 guys with .700, .700, and .600 OPS (stats are for last 3 years)

2. ?

3. Win your division

(South Park’s Underpants Gnomes video)

Juan Nieves on Bobby Jenks

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Bullpen coach Juan Nieves says Bobby Jenks can e as good as ever but he has to make some adjustments:

“The league has adjusted to him, so now he has to adjust,” Nieves said. “They’re swinging early in the count on him because they don’t want to get behind.

“He’s gonna have to throw some fastballs up there early, bust guys inside, and use the two-seamer. If he’s going to throw breaking balls early, they’re going to have to be really good breaking balls off the plate or in the dirt.”

Adding a bat in the middle of the batting order during Spring Training?

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While Guillen mentioned Sunday how Thome was the only left-handed hitter he really wanted, he admitted Monday night that this bat in the middle of the order could be explored again in the future. That future date could come as soon as March, if the White Sox realize something is missing during Spring Training.

“It’s weird because for as long as I’ve been here, we always played in the past with the big boys in the middle,” Guillen said. “We changed our philosophy and what we want to do is have more speed and other stuff.

“Maybe it will take us a little while to see what we have, but I’m very optimistic. I’m very excited. I don’t want to say I’ll put my job on the line, but I love what I have. Everything should be set right now, but believe me, I talk to [GM Kenny Williams] every day about the ballclub.”


Although Guillen did say that if Thome were to be out there still come spring training and the current plan of DH-by-committee wasn’t working, well, bringing him back would be revisited.

“We might see in spring training that we’re missing a piece and go get him,” Guillen said. “But hopefully Jim is not waiting that long. Hopefully Jim has found a job.”


Ken Williams, on making another move before spring training: “Unless it translates into a championship, it’s a wasted effort. I’m a bottom-line guy and for me the bottom line is winning championships.”

No Thome – Official

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Ozzie Guillen told reporters tonight that free agent DH Jim Thome would not be returning to the #WhiteSox. The two spoke yesterday.


Oz makes it official – see ya big guy. Thome will not be brought back this year.


… Guillen said the Sox haven’t ruled out bringing back Thome if they have a need for a left-hander power hitter later this season if he’s available.


In a conference call with beat writers Monday night, manager Ozzie Guillen confirmed the decision. He talked to the 39-year-old Thome on Sunday. “I don’t think Jimmy could play once a week, twice a week, and produce,” Ozzie said.

Ozzie is a giant moron.

No Thome?

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Source with the Twins just told me that Minny has already spoken to Thome’s reps this afternoon, so it’s official – Jim ain’t coming back.


Tampa Bay has interest, and the Tigers are now sniffing around. Minny could be the front-runner, however.

Damn you Ozzie.

Thome updates

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No announcement on Thome, but Oz will talk to us later on. Not normal procedure, so it might be a no on Big Jim.


This is Ozzie’s call, and he’s currently flying back home to Miami. He’s expected to talk to the four beat writers covering the Sox early this evening in regards to Thome.

As I’ve been reporting the past week, Ozzie has a lot of respect for Thome, and vice versa. But he made a decision to go with a rotating group of designated hitters this season and all indications remain he’s going to stick with that plan.

January 25 links

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– BDD’s Top Prospects Compilation: Update #13:

Spreadsheet: 2009-2010-Top-Prospect-Lists3.xls [184 KB]

– MLB Fanhouse’s top 100 prospects: #32 Dan Hudson, #67 Tyler Flowers, #91 Jared Mitchell

– Jim Thome chats with the Twinkies

– Is Albert Pujols any good?

– John Sickels reviews his 2005 ‘Top 50 hitting prospects’ list

Make New Tabs Open at Far Right in Firefox 3.6

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The official Firefox 3.6 release changed where new tabs open from clicked links—to the right of the tab they launched from. Liked it better the old way? Here’s the quick fix.

The Mozilla Links blog points out a few about:config tweaks that Firefox 3.6 users might be intrigued in, especially if the new version handles things a bit differently than you’re used to, and you don’t want to spend time getting used to the new scheme. To set new tab behavior back to its old ways—opening in the right-most slot—enter about:config into your address bar, click that you’ll be careful, then enter browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent into the search bar. Set that value to “False,” and your new tabs will open where they used to.

For more Firefox 3.6 tweaks, visit Mozilla Links’ post, which details tab preview behaviors in detail.

Firefox 3.6 tips and tweak [Mozilla Links]

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