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January 24, 2010

No decision yet on Thome

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White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said Sunday morning that no decision has been made on whether Jim Thome will return.

… Guillen emphasized the Sox’s decision would be made with their brains, rather than their heart. General manager Ken Williams made it clear Saturday that he was leaving it to Guillen to decide whether Thome would be a good fit for the 2010 Sox team.

… Guillen, who has said he wants to decide before he leaves town, added that his flight to Miami was moved from 4 p.m. Sunday to Monday.

however, Ozzie maintains his moronic ‘I don’t want a full-time DH’ attitude:

“Whoever wants to come to the White Sox as long as I’m here is not going to be a full-time DH,” Guillen said after a brisk question-and-answer session with fans. “Nobody. I don’t care who it is.”


“Maybe what I have is not convenient for him. But I’m leaving tomorrow. I want to get that out of my mind and go to Venezuela and enjoy my life and not leave you guys hanging here. I don’t want Thome to be waiting for my decision or my phone call.”

… “As long as I’m here, and I don’t care who it is, nobody will be a full-time DH,” Guillen said. “If I want one guy out there, I want [Thome]. I already talked to [GM Kenny Williams] about that.”

… “We’ll talk to Jimmy, and if he says yes, he accepts the role, then we will make our decision,” Guillen said. “I don’t want a DH just to be a DH. I want a guy to help me in different ways, and I want to hear all the opinions to make the right decision.”


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