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January 22, 2010

Opening Day starter

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I asked Guillen about whether Jake Peavy or Mark Buehrle would be his Opening Day starter in 2010. The usually politically incorrect manager went politically correct on me, basically saying that Peavy will be the ace of the staff, but that Buehrle deserves Opening Day status due to his 10 solid years of service. Guillen promised to make the decision on his Opening Day starter early on in spring training.

Merkin here.

Gordon Beckham working the phones (video)

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http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=7149933 (2:38)

Hope is kindled!

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A source close to the Jim Thome camp told the Sun-Times on Friday that the Sox are now rethinking the idea of life without the veteran slugger, despite the wishes of manager Ozzie Guillen to try the designated-hitter by committee.

“It’s 50-50 now, which couldn’t be said [Thursday],” the source said, referring to the chances of Thome re-signing. “Jim is just waiting to hear.” …

Ozzie Guillen video.

UPDATE: Gonzales:

Williams told fans Saturday morning at SoxFest that he’d consider a return by Thome only if manager Ozzie Guillen was comfortable with bringing him back, but warning that Thome would have to be comfortable with a role that could result in less playing time than the full-time designated hitter role he held with the Sox for the past four years.


Out of respect to Jim Thome _ and he certainly deserves it _ manager Ozzie Guillen said he’s considering bringing the 39-year-old designated back for another season at SoxFest Saturday. Guillen heads back home to Miami tomorrow, and he said a decision will be made before he leaves.

January 22 links

– Gordon Beckham will stay at the 2nd post of the batting order.

– More on the Opening Day starter.

– Matt Thornton takes over Merkin’s mailbag.

– SoxFest news: Bobby Jenks looks good, Ozzie Guillen is a jackass, Carlos Quentin wasn’t there, J.J. Putz is recovering, A.J. Pierzynski went to Africa. From Merkin and Reifert: Reifert is taking questions for Kenny and Ozzie and former Sox greats. Kenny is proud for Bobby. The Go-Go Sox are coming back says Ozzie. Hawk likes his kindle. Juan Pierre is a heavy hitter. Gonzales and Cowley: Peavy can’t afford pants. Ozzie wants Alexei to eat Vizquel’s brain. More SoxFest here.

Kenny on Jared Mitchell: it’ll be a “little while” till he reaches majors.

– Alexei Ramirez says Dayan Viciedo looks incredible. I hope he has lots of Cuban pride.

– J.J. Putz is looking for an intro song suggestions.

– Scot Gregor is taking questions you want him to ask at Sox Spring Training.

Gordon Beckham and Jeff Cox were working the phones. Beltin’ Bill Melton too.

– Jon Heyman says “Andruw Jones is said to be in the best shape he’s been in for a decade.”

The Bronze Titan will sign with the Phillies

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The Phillies have reached an agreement with Jose Contreras to a one-year deal, according to Enrique Rojas of ESPN.  The deal is pending a physical.

Craig Calcaterra says if Jose replaces Moyer the signing is a ‘youth movement.” I love Jose but I’m not so sure he is younger than Moyer Craig.

Big Jim to East Dakota?

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The Twins have interest in free agent slugger Jim Thome, according to Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune.  Christensen writes that the Twins are bargain hunting and if Thome is willing to come at the right price, there could be a match.  A Twins official confirmed the club’s interest, which was first reported by a Chicago radio station.

Aaron Gleeman’s take.

I told you 2010 will suck. Damn you Kenny?

Big Jim video.

Smells Like Mascot: The Q!Mobile

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Carl’s latest:


Ozzie Guillen on the Opening Day starter

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“What you should do is go [in a] different [direction], but [Mark] Buehrle has had that honor since I’ve been here,” Guillen said. “That’s a tough decision we have to make in spring training … I have [John] Danks and [Gavin] Floyd. They have good enough stuff to do it. But [at least] our pitching staff is set. I’m very happy I don’t have the headache at 8 in the morning to figure out who’s going to be our fourth or fifth starter.”

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