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December 15, 2009

FutureSox looks at the prospects in the Pierre trade (Ely & Link)

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We project Ely as a 5th starter type, but if you listen to Phil Rogers he is worth more than Pierre by himself. Ely had a great season, playing in the Southern League All-Star Game, earning a place on the league’s post-season all-star team and recently being named to our All-FutureSox team. Sure, performance isn’t everything in the minors and Ely doesn’t have top tier stuff as even Rogers admits. He has a great changeup, good control and his fastball and curve are decent pitches. He was a 3rd round pick in 2007 so clearly the Sox liked him then. This year was a bit of a breakout year for him, but his peripherals were slightly down from 2008 and he played in a pitchers’ park. …


Kenny got his man again

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“Three years ago we started talking about it and it came together a couple of days ago – I’m not kidding,” Williams said with a laugh. “We’ve asked about Juan over the years, so much so that I’ve probably irritated (Dodgers GM) Ned (Colletti) more than once or twice.”

This is not good

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Ozzie likes the team as it is now and doesn’t want a full-time DH:

“Ozzie and I have been speaking on that, and we spoke on it again [Tuesday],” Williams said of the DH spot. “Right now, what he would like to do is sit where we are right now because he likes flexibility with the DH position, whether it be a guy getting a break or keeping your bench players fresh. Guys like [Andruw] Jones, [Mark] Kotsay, [Omar] Vizquel, getting [Paul] Konerko off of his feet and getting into the DH spot … he likes the flexibility that comes with it.

“I’ve given him some names – this is a very critical last thing on our list. I certainly don’t want to do anything from my seat that conflicts with what my manager wants, so regardless if I think there may be a need for a bigger left-handed bat in the middle of the lineup, he’s the one in there and I fully support how he and his coaching staff see the situation fitting. That’s something we’ll continue to think about.”
Yeah, like June or July, come trade deadline time.

… “I don’t want people in Chicago now to say, we need a power-hitter,” Guillen said. “The last four years they have been on Kenny and myself, ‘we’re too slow.’ We’re excited with what we have. We have a more athletic ballclub and can do a lot of things. Kenny has done a miracle, I don’t know how he did it. It’s going to be fun. You’re going to see a different ballclub. And I was looking for a challenge, looking for the challenge to see how good I can be, moving the pieces the way I like to move them.”

Mercy! Save us Big Jim!

Ozzie Guillen on MLB using instant replay

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What’s your thoughts on replay, Ozzie?  “I like to see the umps do their jobs and I don’t like delays.  But if there is replay it will save me money because every time I argue it costs me $500 or $1000.”

More funny stuff at the link.

The Transaction Oracle’s 2010 Juan Pierre projection

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ZiPS Projection - Juan Pierre (LF)
              AB   R   H  2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB  SO  SB   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS+
2010         434  65 125  17   5   1   33  28  29  38 .288 .339 .387   85
Top Near-Age Offensive Comps:  Luis Polonia, Dave Collins, Eric Owens

The Transaction Oracle’s 2010 Andruw Jones projection

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2010 ZiPS Projections
Player        AB   R    H  2B 3B  HR RBI  BB  SO  SB    BA   OBP   SLG  OPS+
Jones        353  47   75  16  1  18  50  46  90   4  .212  .307  .416   89

Sox trade for Juan Pierre

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The White Sox acquired Juan Pierre from the Dodgers for two minor league pitchers, according to Yahoo’s Tim Brown. The Dodgers will take on roughly half of Pierre’s salary. The outfielder has $18.5MM remaining on his deal ($10MM next year and $8.5MM in 2011), so the Dodgers are taking on about $9MM. …

Stats: B-R.

I hope Kenny didn’t give away David Holmberg or Santos Rodriguez (there is no way he gave away Daniel Hudson).

No, he couldn’t give away Holmberg. Holmberg was drafted in June [2009].

UPDATE: MLBTR now says the Sox will pay Pierre $3 million in 2010 and $5 million in 2011 meaning the Dodgers will pick up the remaining $10.5 million. Also, the two minor league pitchers will be Players To Be Named Later. Hmmm, $10.5 million is a lot. I wonder who the PTBNLs are.

UPDATE: Jon Paul Morosi hears the 2 PTBNLs are John Ely and Jon Link. Oh, man. After reading this, I’ll feel so bad if it’ll  be Ely.

Jayson Stark says the Dodgers will select 2 pitchers from a list. The 2 pitchers will be able to reach the majors in 2010 says Stark.

December 14, 2009

Sox pass on Matsui?

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Gonzales says he may be close to signing with the Angels:

According to ESPN.com, Matsui could sign for $6.5 million for a year. At one time, the White Sox had lukewarm interest if he could still play left field on bad knees, but decided to go in other directions during last week’s winter meetings in Indianapolis.

We have $4 million for Teahen, but not $6 for Godzilla…

Kenny: “Jayson [Nix] has a role on this team

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Does that role include playing?

Guillen and general manager Ken Williams stressed recently how these young reserves should not count themselves out. Williams specifically addressed Nix’s situation when asked Thursday if he would have a talk with Nix before the holiday party.

“Jayson has a role on this team,” Williams said. “So, I absolutely will.” …

Details of the Sox failed negotiations with D.J. Carrasco

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Carrasco, who made $440,000 last season, was offered a $160,000 raise. That wasn’t what he or his agent had in mind, and the gulf became apparent during a lunch Wednesday at the winter meetings involving Carrasco’s agent and a Sox official.

Brickey got $4.5 million last year. But he was 10 times better. Clearly.


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From Normal Chad’smailbag:

Q. During football games, I’ve noticed that the center often will point up field before he snaps the ball. Could it be he wants to make sure the rest of the team knows which way to go? (Ed Anderson; Kirkland, Wash.)

A. Pay the man, Shirley.

International Draft

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Players available in each year’s Draft class hail from the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. If the powers that be have their way, however, that could all change as early as 2012.

Commissioner Bud Selig has stated on more than one occasion his support for both a hard slotting system for Draft bonuses and a Draft that would be open to amateur players from every nation.

“There’s no question in my mind, in 2011, certainly a [hard] slotting system and a worldwide Draft are things we will be very aggressive in talking about,” Selig said soon after this past Draft’s signing deadline in August.

Is such an international Draft at all tenable? Is it realistic to imagine that there’s a way to bring all of the baseball-playing nations under one Draft umbrella? …

and Calcaterra:

The league typically cites a litany of problems when arguing in favor of the international draft, including concerns of age fraud, exploitation of the players by buscones, rampant corruption and overall cost. I’ve written at length on these issues before, and the chief thing to take away from it is that when it comes to talking about an international draft, the league tries to conflate all of these issues into one giant problem that is inherent in international free agency when, in fact, they are many separate issues, most of which could be solved without the institution of an international draft. …

Fangraphs introduces wRC+

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As you may have noticed, there’s now an extra column in the “Advanced” section for batting stats called “wRC+”. You can think of this stat as a wOBA based version of OPS+. It’s park and league adjusted and it’s on a very similar scale as OPS+. The difference is that it uses wRC, which is based on wOBA. …

Tango has more.

Here’s the career leaderboard. Notice Dick Allen? The only Top 25 guy that’s not in the HoF?  Shoeless Joe is #9.

December 12, 2009

D.J. Carrasco on being non-tendered by the Sox

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“You want to be in a place where you are wanted and needed,” Carrasco said. “The White Sox probably still wanted me, but didn’t need me. I love playing the game, but you’ve got to be smart, and there’s just not a lot of longevity in middle relief. It’s about closing and starting and setting up. I feel I can really help a team, and it will be an interesting learning experience seeing what teams think of me.”

… “There are other things I feel I can do, not just being a long man,” Carrasco said. “But I praise the White Sox for giving me an opportunity. One of the reasons I’m going to miss Chicago is the passion and knowledge of the White Sox fans,” said Carrasco, when asked if he had heard of fans’ disappointment over his departure. “It holds a special place in my heart that they wanted me back.”

Sox non-tender D.J. Carrasco

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The White Sox informed the agent for D.J. Carrasco that they will not tender him a contract by Saturday’s 11 p.m., thus making him a free agent.

… The two sides were several hundred thousand dollars apart after a meeting Wednesday in Indianapolis, and talks Saturday didn’t advance any further. Carrasco earned $440,000 last season, and this was his first winter as an arbitration eligible player.

D.J’s Stats.

Why Kenny? Why? Say DJ didn’t like the contract he was offered by the Sox and had gone to arbitration and earned $1 million. So, what? It would be money well spend…

BTW, MLBTR is keeping track of all the players that were tendered, and non-tendered a contract. Ex-Sox Brian Anderson, Mike McDougal, Lance Broadway, and Neal Cotts were non-tendered. Jack Cust too. Ex-Sox Boone Logan and Brandon McCarthy were tendered.

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