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December 14, 2009

Sox pass on Matsui?

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Gonzales says he may be close to signing with the Angels:

According to ESPN.com, Matsui could sign for $6.5 million for a year. At one time, the White Sox had lukewarm interest if he could still play left field on bad knees, but decided to go in other directions during last week’s winter meetings in Indianapolis.

We have $4 million for Teahen, but not $6 for Godzilla…

Kenny: “Jayson [Nix] has a role on this team

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Does that role include playing?

Guillen and general manager Ken Williams stressed recently how these young reserves should not count themselves out. Williams specifically addressed Nix’s situation when asked Thursday if he would have a talk with Nix before the holiday party.

“Jayson has a role on this team,” Williams said. “So, I absolutely will.” …

Details of the Sox failed negotiations with D.J. Carrasco

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Carrasco, who made $440,000 last season, was offered a $160,000 raise. That wasn’t what he or his agent had in mind, and the gulf became apparent during a lunch Wednesday at the winter meetings involving Carrasco’s agent and a Sox official.

Brickey got $4.5 million last year. But he was 10 times better. Clearly.


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From Normal Chad’smailbag:

Q. During football games, I’ve noticed that the center often will point up field before he snaps the ball. Could it be he wants to make sure the rest of the team knows which way to go? (Ed Anderson; Kirkland, Wash.)

A. Pay the man, Shirley.

International Draft

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Players available in each year’s Draft class hail from the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. If the powers that be have their way, however, that could all change as early as 2012.

Commissioner Bud Selig has stated on more than one occasion his support for both a hard slotting system for Draft bonuses and a Draft that would be open to amateur players from every nation.

“There’s no question in my mind, in 2011, certainly a [hard] slotting system and a worldwide Draft are things we will be very aggressive in talking about,” Selig said soon after this past Draft’s signing deadline in August.

Is such an international Draft at all tenable? Is it realistic to imagine that there’s a way to bring all of the baseball-playing nations under one Draft umbrella? …

and Calcaterra:

The league typically cites a litany of problems when arguing in favor of the international draft, including concerns of age fraud, exploitation of the players by buscones, rampant corruption and overall cost. I’ve written at length on these issues before, and the chief thing to take away from it is that when it comes to talking about an international draft, the league tries to conflate all of these issues into one giant problem that is inherent in international free agency when, in fact, they are many separate issues, most of which could be solved without the institution of an international draft. …

Fangraphs introduces wRC+

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As you may have noticed, there’s now an extra column in the “Advanced” section for batting stats called “wRC+”. You can think of this stat as a wOBA based version of OPS+. It’s park and league adjusted and it’s on a very similar scale as OPS+. The difference is that it uses wRC, which is based on wOBA. …

Tango has more.

Here’s the career leaderboard. Notice Dick Allen? The only Top 25 guy that’s not in the HoF?  Shoeless Joe is #9.

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