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December 9, 2009

Juan Pierre rumor has little substance

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The Sox have talked to the Dodgers about leadoff batter Juan Pierre, but a source said those talks have little substance at this time.

Pierre batted .308 with 30 stolen bases and a .365 on-base percentage in 2009. But he will earn $18.5 million over the next two years, and the Sox would have to clear a large salary to afford him.

John Sickels 2010 Top 20 Sox prospects


1) Dan Hudson, RHP, Grade B [changed to B+]
2) Jared Mitchell, OF, Grade B
3) Tyler Flowers, C, Grade B
4) Brent Morel, 3B, Grade B-
5) Jordan Danks, OF, Grade C+
6) Dayan Viciedo, 3B, Grade C+ …

Go to the link for descriptions and the entire list.

Tigers, Giants interested in Scott Podsednik?

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8:10pm: The Giants have Scott Podsednik on their radar, [Andrew] Baggarly reports. He’s apparently one of the center fielders the club is considering.

Rosenthal (via MLBTR):

Teams interested in Podsednik: Royals, Giants, Cubs, Tigers, White Sox.

UPDATE: SoxNet’s take.

Sergio Santos Pitch F/X scouting report

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[Sergio] Santos is a former 1st round pick, he was selected number 27 overall in the 2002 first year payer draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks, but after stalling as an offensive prospect the White Sox signed him and converted him to pitching. In his first season off the mound Santos had some fairly mixed results, including an 8.16 ERA and a 6.38 BB/9 in 28.2 innings over four levels. There were some encouraging points for Santos, namely his 9.57 K/9 and a purported 99 mph fastball. The White Sox recently added Santos to the 40-man roster protecting him from this years Rule 5 Draft, so they obviously see something that they like in Sergio, but let’s see what PITCHf/x has to say. …

Kenny’s Hideki Matsui secret plan

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… So, the White Sox plan for Matsui is to stay under the radar as much as possible, trying to figure out where he fits on the roster and financially, with Williams again stressing how the club is pretty much at budget. But when Williams gets completely “serious” on a player, expect a decision shortly thereafter.

“Things move quickly one way or the other when I’m serious about something,” Williams said. “We are in or we are out. You can’t read into anything, whether we contact him or not contact him or whether we talk to an agent or not talk to an agent. All that means is we are not ready, one way or the other.”

Jordan Danks named to the AFL 2009 Top Prospects Team

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Sox outfielder Jordan Danks made the [Arizona Fall League 2009 Top Prospects] team, selected by AFL managers, coaches and administrators. Voters were asked to consider fall performance and major-league projectability.

BTW, Kenny Williams said the Sox likely would not get involved in Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft. Rumors for the Rule 5 draft here.

Sox close to signing J.J. Putz?

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Kenny may have said the Sox are not close to signing J.J. Putz but:

Sources have indicated that’s not the case, however.

Yes, the Sox might have to up the ante a bit, but Putz wants to pitch on the South Side and there is still a deal close to happening.


9:20pm: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that other teams are involved with Putz.

Kenny Williams warns Mark Buehrle about his ‘American Chopper’ bike

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Kenny texted Mark to be careful with his ‘American Chopper’ bike. But:

Chicago White Sox general manager Ken Williams said he texted pitcher Mark Buehrle to warn him about being careful on his new motorcycle. … Baseball contracts do not prohibit players from riding motorcycles. Every standard contract states that if a player hurts himself to the point where his play is impacted, the contract can be voided.

Here a youtube clip from the episode.

Kenny Williams on Twitter

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For general managers, Twitter has become a danger word. When White Sox general manager Ken Williams was told that Mark Teahen hinted at his new three-year contract extension before it was announced, Williams said, “You’re kidding, right?”

… So now team executives have to keep track of their players while also tracking stories on rumors on the site. White Sox vice president of communications Scott Reifert has been active in using Twitter for well over a year, an evolution of his team blog, and he occasionally uses it to break news.

“I don’t much pay attention to [Twitter],” Williams said. “[Assistant GM] Rick Hahn actually just gave me a quick education on Twitter, and after the education, I decided I won’t partake. It’s just one more thing to check.”

Ozzie Guillen wants Mike Redmond?

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Ozzie Guillen wants Mike Redmond to back up A.J.

Stats: B-R. OPS+ decreasing since 2006 ending with a 57 in 2009.

Kenny Williams on the Hideki Matsui and J.J. Putz rumors

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“We haven’t had enough substantial conversation with his representatives or himself to even think there’s a real possibility right now,” Williams said. “More has been written about him right now than is probably comfortable with the way we like to do business. We like to do business quietly and efficiently.” …

“We don’t have any money,” Williams said. “We’re close to our budget right now, and that really inhibits right now what we can do in terms of the free agent market. So we have to get creative, and we’ve done that before.”

Kenny doesn’t like all the scrutiny around his moves to add bullpen pieces, probably J.J. Putz:

“We thought we had something going on,” Williams said. “But as I’ve told you guys many times before. When things become public, to a large degree, the entire game changes and more times than not, you’re not going to get a deal.

“Something we thought we were going to be closer on becomes public, and now it’s not so close.”

Kenny also said he hasn’t asked for Hideki Matsui’s medical records and was also asked about Milton Bradley.

UPDATE: Levine says the Sox will check Matsui’s records if they offer him a “a solid one-time bid.”

SoxNet on the J.J. Putz, Coco Crisp, and Hideki Matsui rumors

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… Would I be excited about Crisp leading off for the Sox, No, but with the rotation the club possesses, the addition of a legitimate DH (see Matsui), and a quality reliever (see Putz), the Sox would emerge from the winter-meetings as the run-away favorite in the AL Central.

Looking For Improvement In All The Wrong Places

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Latest on the Sox pursuit of Hideki Matsui

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Cowley twits:

Ok, here’s the deal with Matsui. He has been cleared by doctor to play outfield and DH. Out of loyalty, he will wait for Yanks to say yes or no. Then come Jan. he will listen to Sox. Slow process, but could happen. Sox are atop his list after Yanks said Multiple sources. Sox could go out to Cali next week and meet with him to check the knee in person. The good news for the Sox is Matsui told the Japanese media that its not about money or years, its about opportunity to play some OF. KW is about to talk and Japanese media is here looking for answers. It’s on.

Fangraphs on Ryan Church

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Erik Manning:

Assuming he’s healthy, you can bank on Church getting on base at a .340 clip, hit for some moderate power and play excellent defense in the corners. With an unusual paucity for corner outfielders in this free agent market outside of Matt Holliday and a couple of overrated and soon to be overpaid players such as Jason Bay and Johnny Damon, Church could be a decent patch job for a club, and is at worst a first-rate 4th outfielder, all at the price of virtually nothing. …

Maning says Church, a 2-win player, would cost $8-9 million in the open market.

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