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December 5, 2009

Fangraphs projecting Jake Peavy

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Let’s assume for a moment that Peavy’s strikeout and walk rates mirror his Bill James projection for 2010: 9.08 K/9 and 2.89 BB/9. But instead of his HR/9 average coming in well under 1.00, he gives up roughly one homer per nine frames. That’s about 24 dingers in his projected 215 innings.

That would make Peavy’s projected Fielding Independent ERA about 3.70. …

Ozzie Guillen on using Gordon Beckham as the leadoff hitter

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How about batting Gordon leadoff Ozzie?

“A lot of people are saying that,” Guillen said … “He’s the one in the lineup I have right now. Is he ideal? That’s the only (one) have. But I really like to have someone else out there. Bekcham is a very, very good RBI man. And I don’t want to take the bat away from him, and hoepfully we find someone to take his spot.”

Ozzie knows Kenny’s trying to find one:

“We tried to find one. It’s not easy. We tried looking for one, the one out there is very expensive, and the one is not there, we have to make big trades. We got from now until April to figure out. We got  2 1/2 months until (spring training) starts. Hopefully we find a true leadoff hitter. If not, we’ll see what we can do.”

“I’m not going to put the pressure on (Beckham) like he has to carry this ballclub. He’s going to be down there and put him where he feels comfortable. I’m going to try to protect him the best I can but right now, I like what I see when this kid is up with men on base. I’m going to put him in a RBI situation. Him and (Alexei) Ramirez, they love RBIs.”

Fangraphs on Gavin Floyd

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In 2008, Floyd struck out 6.32 batters per nine innings. In ‘09, his K rate climbed to 7.6 per nine frames. The increase appears to be supported by a drop in contact rate. Opposing batters made contact when swinging at Floyd’s pitches 81.7% of the time in ‘08, but just 77.8% in ‘09 (80-81% MLB average).

Also, his rate of swinging strikes spiked from 8.4% in ‘08 to 9.9% this past year (7.8% average for starting pitchers). Floyd ranked 17th among starters in contact rate and 21st in swinging strike rate.

The soon-to-be 27 year-old also lowered his walk rate a bit, from 3.05 BB/9 in 2008 to 2.75 BB/9 in 2009. Floyd kept the ball on the ground more than in years past, with a 44.3 GB% (41.2% in ‘08). …

Kenny Williams shopping Bobby Jenks

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Sox GM Ken Williams told MLB.com on Wednesday, “He’s my closer, and I haven’t had one trade discussion about him.” Two rival general managers disputed that claim, saying that Williams aggressively tried to move Jenks earlier this offseason.

“Kenny was looking for a real package a couple of weeks back,” one of the rival general managers said. …

Pitch F/X Online Summary

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Here’s a quick run down of the online pitch F/X tools

Sox interested in Roy Halladay?

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Not anymore says Phil Rogers:

If Jake Peavy had said no thanks to the White Sox in July, general manager Ken Williams almost certainly would be in the middle of negotiations to bring Roy Halladay to Chicago.

And Kenny’s prediction for Baseball’s Winter Meetings that will be in Indianapolis next week:

“I think it will be busier after the meetings than during them,” Williams said Friday. “The only thing I know for sure is it will be cold.”

UPDATE: Gonzales on the Winter Meetings:

Look for Williams to wait as long as possible even though there aren’t many natural leadoff hitters available at a thrifty price. Free agent Coco Crisp remains an option, especially if Williams can move some salary.

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