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December 1, 2009

Kenny has a plan for next week’s Winter Meetings

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Kenny is patient but he has a plan:

One certainty is that Williams and his staff will enter Indianapolis with names in mind to acquire or sign. They never walk haphazardly into MLB’s annual get together.

“Yeah, it’s not difficult,” Williams said. “You’ve watched your team for about 200 games, including Spring Training. If you are at the stage where you are still assessing where you are, then I think you’ve missed the boat on some things.

“We’ve known quite some time what are targets are, and we go down the list and try to acquire them. You see what the possibilities are very quickly and very efficiently. If it works out, it works out. If not, you move on to the next guy.”

Those targets include free-agent outfielder Coco Crisp, whose agent confirmed the White Sox preliminary interest, and Scott Podsednik, their own free agent, who presently is looking for a multiyear deal the White Sox aren’t offering. The St. Petersburg Times recently named the South Siders as one of the teams interested in B.J. Upton, perhaps attainable in a trade, which could involve closer Bobby Jenks.

Even if Jenks stays put, the White Sox will want to upgrade their bullpen. They have been listed as one of eight teams interested in Takashi Saito, but also seem likely to add a left-hander to complement Matt Thornton. …

BDD looks at possible Adrian Gonzales suitors

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the Sox are a Dark Horse:

Yes, the White Sox are coming off a disappointing season.  Yes, they took on a Yankee-like amount of payroll at the 2009 trade deadline last season.  But make no mistake about it, they are in win-now mode.  After letting slugger Jermaine Dye walk this offseason, the Sox will be looking to add more punch to their team.  Combine that with the great early returns that Peavy showed (3-0, 18Ks, 1.35 ERA) and you just may have a match waiting to happen.  Gonzalez would provide current first baseman Paul Konerko with a much-needed move to the DH spot to help prolong his productive offensive career into his late 30s. …

December 1 links

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— MLBTR’s Arbitration tracker. 23 got arbitration offers.

SoxNet looks at the moves the Sox have already made in the offseason, and tries to project next-year’s roster.

FutureSox looks on the highlights of the Sox minor league system in 2009 (Beckham, Flowers, Hudson). The article was posted on September 30.

— Another old link: BDD at the Mark Teahen to the Sox,  Chris Getz and Josh Fields to Kansas City trade. November 20.

— Scott Podsednik was the 5th best baserunner in baseball in 2009. Jim Thome was the 6th worst.

How much of a pay cut do those in arbitration or under team control make compared to those eligible for free agency? Tango’s take here.

— The Flying Squirrels show off their logo.

LOL of the day

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Dashiell Bennett @ Deadspin:

Also, falling asleep at a traffic light? That shows a real commitment to drunk driving. That’s the kind of stuff that makes NFL scouts sit up and take notice.

Kenny urges patience

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Kenny says no need to rush things:

“We have internal answers for every position, so I’m not overly stressed on anything. Wherever you are at the end of the Winter Meetings or in January or even when Spring Training starts, it doesn’t mean that will be the shape of your team for the rest of the season. All it means is where you are now. We are constantly trying to improve our club. You don’t have to have things in place from Day 1. Sure, I would like to, but we try not to do anything stupid that limits our ability to make a later move that is of greater impact. Right now, we are positioned as one of the best pitching clubs around. It’s huge for us going into the season not to react too quickly. If you do something out of panic right now and it inhibits your ability to do something of greater impact later, then you haven’t served anybody’s good. Remember, 162 games is a long time.”

Things (trades/signings) will pick up after next week’s Winter Meetings:

“Everything up until then is really just a game being played. It’s not that I’m not listening right now. I’ve just had too many years and too much lost sleep over wasted conversations meant solely for positioning. You learn to stake a step back, and people will let you know when they are serious.”

And Kenny needs more info on the revenues coming in:

“Well, probably the biggest roadblocks for us are revenues. It kind of has us in a holding pattern until more information comes in. This depends on probably how our fans, advertisers and sponsors feel about our chances and what happens as result of that. As we sit here right now, we will stay in a holding pattern. That’s not atypical of where we’ve been before. We just had to be creative to make things work. In our being creative, it sometimes makes people very uncomfortable. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Soxfest 2010

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Chicago White Sox players Freddy Garcia, Jayson Nix, Jake Peavy, A.J. Pierzynski, Alexei Ramirez and Matt Thornton are just some of the current White Sox players scheduled to attend SoxFest 2010, presented by Miller Lite, Pepsi and the Palmer House Hilton. Additional players from the current White Sox roster, as well as coaches and former White Sox greats attending SoxFest will be announced once their schedules are finalized. …

Sox won’t offer arbitration to Dye, Dotel, Pods, Castro

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The White Sox have decided against offering salary arbitration to their free agents, outfielder Jermaine Dye, right-handed reliever Octavio Dotel, outfielder Scott Podsednik and backup catcher Ramon Castro, a decision needing to be made by 11 p.m. CT on Tuesday. …

Gonzales says Dye is expected to draw interest from Texas, Atlanta and San Francisco, and St. Louis if it won’t retain Matt Holliday.

Cowley says the Yankee$ requested Dye’s medical records.

Fangraph’s Top 10 Sox prospects

Marc Hulet ranks the Top 10 Sox prospects. Tyler Flowers is on top of the list:

Flowers should be ready to take over the full-time catching chores right around the time that veteran incumbent A.J. Pierzynski’s contract runs out after 2010. The right-handed catching prospect has impressive power (.246 ISO in double-A) and he hasn’t hit below .279 in any season since 2006. Flowers began the year in double-A in ‘09 and hit .302/.445/.548 in 248 at-bats, before moving up to triple-A where he hit .286/.364/.438 in 105 at-bats.

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