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November 30, 2009

Boras tried to convince Kenny on signing Joe Crede

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Kenny Williams, White Sox GM. The White Sox weren’t expected to do much, but they’ve already traded Chris Getz and Josh Fields for Mark Teahen, and signed Andruw Jones and Vizquel, two big-time former stars. Williams surprised folks by forging a deal with Boras for Jones, whom he has coveted for years (they tried many years ago to pry him away from the Braves). Boras, who’s had a sticky relationship with Williams, also tried to sell him on signing Crede rather than trading two young players for the talented unproven Teahen. But apparently détente has its limitations.

Arbitration deadline is tomorrow night

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Chances are the Sox won’t offer arbitration to Jermaine Dye and Octavio Dotel says  Mark Gonzales:

The landscape is different for the White Sox at this time than it was last winter, when they offered salary arbitration to free agent Orlando Cabrera. They were confident he would decline because of the emergence of Alexei Ramirez and the fact that Cabrera could have been cut and lost the majority of his salary. … It’s extremely rare for a player to take a pay cut in salary arbitration. Dye earned $11.5 million in 2009 and Dotel $6 million. Even if either player accepted salary arbitration and they were later cut in spring training, those players would receive either 30 days’ pay or 45 days’ pay, depending on the date in spring training that they were released. The major league calendar is around 180 days. …

BTW, here’s MLBTR’s Arbitration primer.

Mark Teahen Named 2009 Hutch Award Winner

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SEATTLE, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Major League Baseball’s Mark Teahen, longtime third baseman for the Kansas City Royals and recently acquired by the Chicago White Sox, will receive the 2009 Hutch Award(®). The award is given annually to a Major League Baseball player who best exemplifies the honor, courage and dedication of baseball great Fred Hutchinson, both on and off the field. …

MLB.com story.

THT Andruw Jones signing with the Sox

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The White Sox signed Andruw Jones to a one-year contract worth $500,000 last week. While the White Sox aren’t done making moves, don’t be surprised to see Jones put together over 300 at-bats. …

Fangraphs on the Andruw Jones signing

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R.J. Anderson:

[Andruw Jones] managed a decent bounce back in 331 plate appearances. 17 homers were hit, a .323 OBP was had, and Jones nearly had a higher slugging percentage (.459) than his 2008 OPS (.505). As for 2010, the deal is a coup for Ken Williams. Jones flashed his highest ISO since 2006 and while playing in Arlington artificially enhanced those numbers, it’s still encouraging to see his HR/FB and ability to drive the ball seemingly regress towards normal. …

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