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November 28, 2009

Mark Buehrle describes his ‘American Chopper’ experience

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Mark Buehrle was quite surprised when he got an ‘American Chopper’ bike from his wife, Jamie:

Jamie’s surprise plan worked better than she could have imagined. She invited family, friends, neighbors and White Sox teammates for a barbeque at their house on that particular Thursday, but revealed the chopper’s arrival to provide a little extra incentive for as many people as possible to attend.

So Mark was the only one left in the dark. When Teutul drove up on the chopper, Mark’s first thought wasn’t, “I think I’m getting a custom-made OCC chopper, and this event is being taped for rebroadcast.” It was more along the lines of, “Who is invading my family’s privacy?” A look of bubbling anger is evident on Mark’s face when he first walked into the frame near the end of Thursday’s show.

“This is what happened,” Mark explained. “I can’t think of the guy’s name, but it was a guy who worked with the White Sox, one of the tradesmen at U.S. Cellular. He drove a bike, a louder bike, and had the same sort of gray hair as Paul Sr. So, I saw what I thought was him and thought, ‘What is he doing here on my off-day and how does he know where I live?’

“Then I saw the TV cameras and the booms with microphones on it and I thought, ‘He brought Comcast with him?’ Then, I was [upset]. I’m chilling with my family and friends and this guy brings Comcast?

“At that point, I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to go off on someone,'” said Buehrle, laughing at the whole situation in hindsight. “As I got closer, I could see there was more going on. I first thought it was something bad, and it turned out to be something really good.” …

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