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November 21, 2009

Sox vs. Jenks

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Bobby Jenks on comments by the Sox after his injury:

‘Did I feel I was being picked on? No. But I felt I was the easy scapegoat because I had struggled in the end with some nagging injuries. This organization, just like most in this game, tell you, ‘Come in, our door is open and tell us what’s on your mind.’ And when you do, they turn it around on you and make you feel bad. They’re playing on your own words. They want you to come in, be honest and then they turn it around. … ‘[General manager Ken Williams] is probably going through some tough decisions whether to keep me or trade me,” Jenks said. ”His decision is the tough one. Mine is easy. I just sit back and see what happens. Until that decision is made, he’s the GM, and I’m the player.”

Ozzie responds:

”Bobby is always going to have the problem that when he doesn’t perform, fans think he’s hurt or out of shape. Bobby has to stay in shape if he wants to play for the White Sox. That goes with any player. I don’t know where this is coming from. ‘For him to talk about trade, right now, I haven’t heard anything from Kenny. On the other hand, anytime someone has a bad year, they blame it on organization. Bobby didn’t have a bad year, but I don’t think we were coming out and saying Bobby was hurt all year. He would let me know when he was sore, but we didn’t make a big deal out of it.’ … The first time I told him he was overweight, I told him to his face. When you have that size, you don’t perform, all of a sudden you have weight problems. He can’t deny that his weight is a concern. Come on, he’s a big man. I’m surprised he said we don’t talk to him. We love this kid to death. I want him to stay in the organization, we all do. But if Kenny has something in mind, that’s part of the game. … He’s not on an island. He has his manager backing him up. But his manager will always be honest. Right now, that kid is going to carry that cross the rest of his career because of his size. Even when he’s in shape, he looks like he’s not in shape. He has been great for us. He has my number, [pitching coach Don] Cooper’s number, Kenny’s number. We’re not hiding from anyone. In the meanwhile, he has to take care of himself. Not for the White Sox, for his family. Bobby can have a broken arm and not be able to pitch anymore, and the first thing people will say is he’s out of shape. That’s life.”

A trade seems coming…

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